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   Chapter 55 How Normal Women Act

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Updated: 2019-11-19 15:55

"FINALLY, we get to watch a movie together, " Deive said then stretched both arms at the back of the sofa inside the living room. It was as if he wanted to put his hand on Callea's shoulder.

She had been busy these past few days because she was back to working on her story again. And because she finished a crucial scene, she was free to watch a movie again. She needed to relax a bit get some ideas that would help her out. Deive discovered some horror movies for her in Netflix and he had been bugging her to try it out.

Deive picked up The Devil's Candy about a heavy-metal-loving artist who channels some bad energy when he moves to a Texas farmhouse with his family. It so happens that a man killed his family inside that house because the devil commanded him. And now he roams around the town to kill children which serve as candy to his devil lord.

Callea's eyes were concentrated on the television. While her other hand was busy in writing ideas flowing in her head.

"No! No! No! The candyman will take the child. Someone should stop him, " Deive suddenly blurted out. "How could we help the poor child?"

"Let's just see what will happen next, " she said and watched as the man covers the child with a blanket then carried it inside the room of a farmhouse where his devil lord was.

"A-Aren't you scared?" he asked her in awe. "You are so cool about this film."

"Deive, there is nothing we can do about the kid. Don't be so emotional about it. It is just fiction." Then she kept on writing and smiled. "Damn! This man is brutal. He used the saw to cut off the body while the kid is still alive." Her blood was pumping with each exciting scene. Every time she saw blood flows, her hands' movement becomes fas

. I already got my fill of you so I would be fine if you will ignore me for fifteen minutes. I am not demanding too much of your attention. I am fine."

Her hand was trembling when he picked up her ballpen while the rest of her body was singing. No, she couldn't write anymore. Her ideas were frozen. She couldn't understand a thing about the show. Even her heart was beating painfully but for a different reason. She was longing for Deive's kiss.

"Are you scared?" Deive asked in worry and held her hand. "You are cold."

"I am just fine. You are right. I just want to relax. No more working, " she said then lay her head on his shoulder and they watched quietly aside from a little comment here and there. He just smiled then played with her hair as they watched.

She was happy to press her body against his during those scary scenes. So, that's how normal women act when watching a horror movie. And she felt like a normal girl. She was not scared but she was feeling giddy because the way that Deive put a protective arm around her, ready to protect her as the candyman terrorize some more.

It was not bad to be a normal woman sometimes.

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