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   Chapter 54 Someone stabbed her heart

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She couldn't say no to Deive at that point. His friends would find it more it weirder if she would refuse them furthermore. She took the pentel pen from Averill. She was a bit shaking as she signed her book that had just been released at the market last month. She smiled when she got a hang of it. It also felt great to sign her own book. "Just make sure that my identity will be anonymous to others. I just gave in because you would make sure that Deive won't go back to his womanizing ways."

Deive scratched his own head. "I am a good boy, " he insisted.

"Can I make a request?" asked Sydney and raise his hand. "Deive said you like cosplaying the characters you created. Can you cosplay the red vampire Zapira for me? I got a crush on her."

"What?!" exclaimed Deive and hooked his arm on Sidney's neck and tried to choke him.

The rest of them laughed. It was crazy. They were so adorable. And she realized that she hadn't laughed for a long time in the company of strangers. Before it comes easily. That was the old her. She never thought she would experience it again. It was liberating. Deive made him laugh again. With that laugh, Deive also opened the door to her heart. And she would let him inside her heart even if he won't ask for it.

DEIVE and his friends were arguing what movie to watch. They were inside the entertainment room and had just finished dinner. She thought they would go home right away after dinner and they would be scared of the mansion. But they were so at home and comfortable that they had no plans to leave yet.

Each of them had their own choices. They were even defending why it was good when they already watched their choices. They were like little kids who wanted to best everyone else. To think that they were grown men. She was just observing the four of them.

"I apologize for their ruckus, " said Lucian. "Is it okay

much a while ago. He was just smiling and observing.

"The last time we talked, you said you would help me so Callea and I will get along, " Deive reminded him.

"This is not what I expected. How will you have a normal life? Our grandfather is wrong for doing this to you. If you want, you can turn me into a silent business partner. Just pay me back when you are earning. You don't have to marry the woman you don't like. You don't deserve to suffer for a lifetime."

Callea bit her lip. She felt a pain as if someone stabbed her heart. Before, she didn't care about other people's opinion about her. She could easily brush it off or use it as a fuel to make scary creatures. She had her own little world where they were not significant. But if Deive would decide to stay away from her, it would blow her heart into pieces.

She started to drag herself away from them. She didn't want to hear Deive's answer. If he would accept Keiran's offer, she would let him go. But as long as he stayed beside her, she won't ask him anything. She would just pretend that she didn't hear a thing.

She was selfish, she knew. She couldn't let go of the man who finally accepted who she really was. She just wanted to spend a little more time with Deive.

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