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   Chapter 53 Sign This

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Callea was trying to get the feels of their visitor while cooking at the kitchen. They were with Deive at the living room. According to Deive, he has been friends with those men since they were kids. They were also Deive's business partners. They didn't say much but she knew that they don't like her for Deive. Even when she changed her church dress to one the nice dresses that Deive bought for her, the tension was still there. They were still uncomfortable with her.

She was not the Callea they were expecting. She was not the normal beautiful woman that her grandfather was selling.

"I think that is done, señorita, " Marina said then tapped her arm. She was cooking chicken adobo with coconut milk. (Adobo is a popular Filipino dish where fish, pork, beef, chicken or vegetable would be cooked with soy sauce and vinegar and other spices. Callea's recipe was special because it has coconut milk in it.)

She was zoning out. She didn't notice that Marina was back in the kitchen after she fixed the table at the dining area for dinner. She didn't want Marina to see the guests a while ago. She was protective of her because of her past experiences with strangers. But Deive insisted that Marina must meet his friends, too.

"They are kind and handsome, too." Marina was grinning from ear-to-ear. "Sir Averill even asked me if I am that hunchback in the story that you created. The one where people thought that she was a jinx but became the hero in the end." It was a pa

his water canister and made her drink water to calm him down. She promised not to scare him anymore. Well, not that much.

She forced a smile. "Dinner will be ready in a bit."

"I could smell the ginataang adobo. It makes me hungrier, " said Lucian and stood up.

While Averill walked towards her. She noticed that he was holding a copy of her graphic novel and a pentel pen. "Could you please sign an autograph for me?"

She stepped back and shook her head. "I don't sign autographs. I mean, not in person." She didn't even want to face her fans. It was weird that someone asked her to personally sign her book.

Lucian crossed his arms over his chest. Drat! The man looked intimidating when his attention was focused on her. "As Deive's future, you can't refuse us. In return, we will guard Deive so he won't stray to other women."

"Don't be like that, man, " Deive complained. "I am a good boy. I am faithful." Then Deive smiled at her. "Please sign it for my friends."

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