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   Chapter 52 Meet the Friends

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"So, I didn't know that aside from being a cosplayer and a graphic novelist, you are also a tourist guide, " Deive said in awe while he steered the car out of the church premises and Callea waved at the tourists she accommodated. After the tour, they asked her and Deive for lunch and they couldn't say no because they were Father Gabe's family. And they were interested to know more about the history of Nagcarlan so, she accommodated them. They promised to return with more friends.

"Not an official one, " she corrected.

"But you are still a great one. You are like a walking history book. Now I understand the significance of this old church and the underground cemetery. I am not a fan of historical landmarks. I prefer modern places."

"I know the history of those who were buried at the underground cemetery as well as the scary stories surrounding it. Maybe it was part of being a writer. I should know more about the history of a place so I could use them for the story. That's why I am drawn to creepy places. There is so much history and the story surrounding it. And Father Gabe knows that I love discussing the history of the place and scaring people."

Deive laughed. "Ah! That's why you are a great storyteller. Know what? You are more beautiful now than when you finished your makeover at the salon. You are more comfortable with yourself. They way you creep them out was alluring."

"You think I am beautiful even if I'm scary?"

"Yes. I guess, that's your personality shining. Personality over outside beauty. Just stay that way."

"Thank you." Callea thought that they finally broke the barrier. He finally accepted who she really was. He also appreciated her talents and the things that make her happy. And that made her feel so good. She though

nt to see Deive. Nice meeting you." He let go of her hand and look at Deive's direction. "W-We are leaving."

He looked seriously terrified and he looked like he wanted to run away while screaming his head off. Not a good first impression to Deive's friends. It could mean trouble.

Deive hooked his arms to Sidney's neck and pulled him towards his car. "Later. Stay here for dinner. She's a good cook."

"Great! I am famished, " said Lucian who seemed unfazed even if she looked like a white lady or they had to stay inside her haunted house until nighttime.

The rest rode on their car while Sidney was hitting the backseat of Deive's car as if he was imprisoned. "Guys, let's go to church first. I don't care if I have to walk on my knees. L-Let's just go to church. What if we got enchanted or bad spirits possesses us?"

Callea laughed and Deive joined her. Maybe Sidney was watching too much horror stories or elemental documentaries. "Don't worry. We went to church a while ago and I prayed for your poor soul, " said Deive with a smile when they entered the car.

Callea removed her veil and look at Sidney. "Welcome to Villa Celesta!"

Sydney let out a scream.

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