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   Chapter 50 So, you like her

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CALLEA lighted the candles at the tomb of her great grandparents – Lolo Leandro and Lola Celesta in the underground cemetery of Nagcarlan, Laguna. Her ancestors had the chance to be buried at the historic underground cemetery that was made for old rich families of Nagcarlan. She closed her eyes and offered a prayer.

She left the church right after the mass. She religiously visited her ancestor's burial place especially her Lola Celesta whom she had a strong connection even if she didn't get to meet her. And she loved the feel of the history of the underground cemetery. It was built during 1845 by Franciscan friars and the underground crypt where she was in was made for friars, prominent town citizens, and elite Catholic families. And according to her grandfather, it was an honor that his parents were buried there.

She heard a rustle. It was as if someone was standing beside her. Her breath hitched. She was not a scaredy rat and she was not afraid of ghosts although she hasn't seen one. But there was always a first time since there were talks of ghost sightings in the crypt.

She slowly opened her eyes. She found Deive standing beside her instead and was also praying. She couldn't take her eyes off his face while his eyes were still shut. He looked so peace

ntroduced me to your parents but you were on a hurry to get inside the church. You left me alone, " Deive said in a voice laced with pain. As if it was Callea's fault for leaving him.

"I thought I was doing you a favor. Sure, we are getting married soon but you are free to like someone else. I won't stop you. Just be discreet."

But he was not fazed. "Your church dress looked good on you. And it fits the place perfectly because this church has been standing here for centuries. Our ancestors were wearing the same dress. I should have worn a Barong Tagalog or a camisa de chino so we are a pair.

"They would think we are both crazy. People might stay away from you."

"What's wrong with being nationalistic? And I don't care if they call us a crazy couple, " he said with a laugh then caressed her face. "After all, you will be my bride."

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