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   Chapter 49 They would go their separate ways

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He clucked his tongue. "Mang Lito won't come today. He said he would visit some relatives in Pagsanjan so he asked me to take you to church instead."

"What?!" she exclaimed with bulging eyes.

So he didn't just connive with Marina but with Mang Lito as well. Mang Lito knew that she hated the sight of Deive and he would leave the task of taking care of her to him? What was with this man that people close to her betrayed her on his whim.

She started to walk away from him. "Then I would just start walking to church."

No jeepney, tricycle or private car would let her ride or hitchhike. The area was notorious for ghost sightings and people thought she was a member of Satanic cult even if she goes to church.

"Get in the car. I will take you, " Deive said and pointed at his car which was parked outside the gate. She didn't notice that it was not in the garage a while ago.

"No. I will just walk, " she insisted.

"If you will walk to get to the church, what time will you arrive? It will take you an hour to get there by foot. It would be hot, too since you are wearing that dress."

She kept on walking and held her skirt on both sides. "Deive, our ancestors walked for centuries wearing dresses like this. And they don't complain much. I am sure I can manage." Her pride was still intact. She won't cave in.

"Maybe you'll reach it in the middle of the mass and it is already crowded inside. It is up to you, " he stated nonchalantly.

Callea stopped walking when she heard her warning and groaned in frustration. If she would arrive at the church first, people would look at her but she won't see their expression because they were at the back. That was just fine. She could just pretend that other people don't exist.

But if she was late, that would be a disaster. She didn't want to see tons of people before her. She didn't want to get too much attention. It would make her feel uncomfortable and she might just run away in the end.

"Fine. I will ride the car with you but do

huge steps, she walked towards the door of the church.

"Callea, wait! Don't leave me, " Deive yelled then ran after her. She felt him walking beside her.

"Thank you for the ride. Now, may I attend the mass in peace?" Callea asked in a cold voice.

"Of course. As long as I won't leave your side."

"Deive, let's go!" Lindsye said in a sweet voice and clutched his arm. "I want you to meet my parents."


She didn't bother looking at Deive's direction and kept on walking inside the church. Good thing Lindsye took him out of her hands. She would finally have peace and can focus on the mass ahead.

Maybe he liked Lindsey. Well, they look good together. Deive would marry her but they won't have a relationship. He could meet or date other women if he wanted to as long as he was discreet.

But why did she feel like someone pinched her heart? She should be happy, right? She could use his interest with other woman so he won't bother her with her preferred looks. Lindsye was sophisticated, she had lots of friends and connections, and had no problems in showing her beauty.

Once she got her mansion and Deive got the money for his business, they would go their separate ways. Deive could find the girl who could truly make him happy. He had the right to be happy. While she would stay inside her cold mansion.

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