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   Chapter 48 The Connivance

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Callea covered her head with a white lace veil to hide her beautiful face. She was wearing her white Maria Clara –style church dress. The upper garment was bodice blouse with bell sleeves and her full skirt reached her heels. It was all in white. The dress was owned by her grandmother but she took care of it so it still looked new. It stood like a sore thumb in the midst of churchgoers who were wearing modern outfits. Some looked like they will go to malls or on a date rather than attending mass. And Deive would be horrified if he sees her.

This is the only time that she would leave her room because she wanted to attend church. She'd been sulking for days, trying to heal the wound that renewed. She'd rather attend the mass and listen to God's words rather than mope around.

It was Deive's fault. He was taking over her house. He was taking over her life. He even connived with the people she trusted to betray her. And what did she get in return? A nightmare. People hurled painful words that were not intended for her and harassed her. It just showed that it was a dangerous world out there for her. Of course, it was a case of mistaken identity but it was also a sign that she made the right decision to hide from the world. And things would better stay that way.

Deive would never understand her. And now he was asking about her past. She couldn't trust him to protect her so it would be better to keep the past to herself. She didn't know how to live normally from now on. Yes, she couldn't hide from him forever because they still had a deal. She must talk to him one of these days. They must discuss what to do with their wedding. The rules must be clear. He couldn't force her to do things sh

e wanted to be early to church so she could choose a place while it was not still crowded.

She hugged herself when the cold wind blew. The weather was a bit cold that morning. She couldn't stay long standing outside the house or she would freeze there.

She was startled when someone put a shawl on her shoulder. "It is cold. You shouldn't have left the house without a shawl or a cardigan to warm you up."

"Deive?" she uttered his name and looked up to him in shock. "What are you doing here? I thought you were still sleeping." He was wearing a white polo shirt, jeans that fit him great and black leather loafers. It was as if he was going somewhere.

He stretched out his arms heavenwards. "I couldn't sleep. I am excited to go to church. Let's go."

Callea gritted her teeth when she realized the full scenario. She was tricked. He connived with Marina again. This was not what she expected. And she was not prepared to see his gorgeousness this early morning.

She removed the shawl from her shoulder and brought it back to him. "No, thanks. Mang Lito's family will bring me to church today. You can go first if you want."

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