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   Chapter 46 I wish I was not born beautiful

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Deive caressed her face to calm her. "It's okay…"

"I am not okay. This is not okay, Deive." She tapped his hand away. "This is your fault. Why did you insist on that makeover? I told you I don't want to be beautiful."

Callea's beauty was a curse. She didn't want to go back to the past. She didn't want to hurt anybody because of her beauty. And while people see her as beautiful, bad things will always happen.

But people didn't want to leave. They kept on taking photos and videos of her breakdown even if the security guards were telling them to stop it and leave the store if they won't buy. It was a circus. Callea couldn't breathe anymore.

The manager came forward. "Sir, you can use the other door. There's a passage for employees only. They can't follow you there. The security will escort you out."

Deive put his arms around her. "It is okay now. We will get out of here. Can you stand up?"

She tentatively nodded and let him help her stand. The security led them out of the boutique with the mob of their wake. His body was supposed to offer protection and warmth but she was numb. She couldn't feel any heat. Not even that giddy feeling that he used to evoke on her had dried up. Ever since he brought back the beauty for everyone to see, he ruined her personality. She was like a vampire that was exposed to the killer sun. Because of Deive, she had tasted the nightmare that she didn't want to go back to anymore.

"Don't touch me, " she commanded Deive when they passed the security for the employees' corridor. She pushed his hand away.

"But you are not well…"

"I can handle myself, " she said in a chilling voice. She didn't bother to brush her hair off her face. She let her hair hide her from the world. She walked like a zombie. She felt like so dead inside. "Let's go home."

"I will bring you to a clinic or the hospital…"

"I want to go home, " Callea told him through gritted teeth as she kept on walking. She didn't care about his other plans. If she had to walk back to Villa Celesta, she would do it just to get out of that place.

He held her hand. "Parking area is this way."

She was quiet while Deive silently led her to his car. There was still security who followed them. They made sure that they lost the mob of Honey V's fans and haters. And good thing the few people on the parking lot didn't bother her.

Deive opened the seat beside the driver's seat but Callea opened the door for the backseat and sat there. Deive sighed and thanked the security personnel who assisted her.

Deive touched her face gently. "I am sorry, Callea. I didn't know that they would think that you look like that actress. I don't even kn

ow her or her scandals. Well, you are beautiful and maybe they saw the similarity."

She moved her face away from him. "Let's just go home, " she said while tear kept on rolling her face.

With another sigh, he closed the door and moved to the driver's seat. They didn't talk while they were on the road to Villa Celesta. She forgot that she was hungry and tired. She let her feat set in while looking at the road. She couldn't become really beautiful for Deive. Even if Villa Celesta was on the line, she couldn't face the ghost of her past. It would kill her. Her life won't be at peace.

She gets out of the car as soon as Deive parked the car in front of the mansion. She didn't wait for his gentlemanly ways to open the door for her. She ran inside the mansion. Deive was on her heels. "Callea, are you hurt?"

She shook her head but didn't bother to look at him. Her heart and whole being was hurt. She didn't need any medicine. She didn't need help. She just wanted to be left alone.

"You might be hungry. I will ask Marina to prepare food for you."

"I just want to sleep. I need to rest now, " she said in Arctic voice. She was about to enter her room when she finally faced Dieve. "Stop bothering me. Just let me do what I want."

"So, you will hide again? Aren't you sick and tired of the darkness, Callea? It just so happened that you look like an infamous actress that's why you were mobbed by those people. But it means you are beautiful and you should be proud of it."

Callea smiled bitterly. "I should be proud? I was never proud of my beauty. You have no idea how miserable my life was because of this face. And if it is not a sin to God to ruin His gift, I would have ruined this face a long time ago. If you really feel sorry for me then leave me alone."

She entered her room and shut the door with a bang. She locked it right away as if she was scared that he would follow her. She didn't want to hear his question about how she wanted to live her life. Deive won't understand because he had a fabulous life outside. He never knew the dangers of having a beautiful face. He didn't know how it feels like how she found her solace in the darkness.

Deive thrived on beauty. He embraced the light and the laughter of the crowd. She didn't belong in his world.

Luna rushed towards her and mewling. She crouched down and took the feline in her arms. She slumped on the floor and cried her heart out as if someone beat her. Her heart was aching so badly as bad memories came rushing back to her. "I am sorry, Luna. It was my fault that's why you died. It was my fault. I wish I was not born beautiful then you would still be alive. I am sorry."

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