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   Chapter 45 I'm Not Honey V

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She grabbed the freebie magazine that they got from the other boutique. She buried her face at the pages and pretended to read even if she didn't understand a thing. Well, it was also a good shield for the people who were looking at her. It drove her to the point of paranoia even if they might be not really looking at her. She was on high alert the moment she felt eyes on hers. Ugh! She missed her scary look. She preferred it than looking beautiful.

"Miss?" She didn't pay attention at first. She was startled when someone tapped her. "Miss, is that you?"

The old woman pointed at the poster on the glass wall of the boutique. I shook my head right away. "No. That's not me, Ma'am."

She didn't even know who the woman on the poster is. Did she look like Callea? She didn't think so. They both have long straight black hair and full bangs. But she had a square face and her nose was too pointed. Her eyes were smiling yet seductive. Her lips were painted blood red.

The woman hit her arm harder this time. "Sus! No need to be shy on me. You are an actress, right? You are Honey V." She pointed a finger at Callea. "You are the one who has a video scandal and impregnated by a married politician."

"Excuse me? I am not that woman, " Callea denied while shaking her head. Who is Honey V? She didn't even watch TV. She only loved watching horror movies and shows. So, unless this Honey V was part of a horror film, she would probably remember her… or not.

"Who is that man you are with? In fairness, he is handsome. Is he your boyfriend?

d her turned into monsters. They wanted to hurt her and there was nothing she could do about it. She sat at the couch and cried helplessly. "Stop it! Leave me alone!"

"What ruckus is this?" The people parted when the guard arrived. "Why are you bothering the customer?"

The guard was followed by Deive. He crouched in front of her and held her hand. "Callea, are you okay? What did they do to you? Did they hurt you?" She only answered him with a sob.

"You are overreacting. We just want a picture with Honey V, " said a gay teenager with red and white polka dots hairband as he rolled his eyes. "Are you her boyfriend now, handsome?"

"We just want to take a picture with her!" complained the other men.

"I am a fan of Honey V."

"I am not Honey V!" Callea wailed then ruffled her own hair. She hid her face with her long hair so they won't see her anymore. "Now what? Do we still look alike? Do you still think I am pretty? I am not beautiful. I don't to be beautiful." She was hysterical now and she could help it.

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