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   Chapter 44 Ogling His Assets

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Shopping and modeling those clothes were worse than her time at the salon. She just sat there while the stylist fixed her hair and treated it. She could close her eyes if she wanted to. But on dressing up, she had to keep her eyes open while showing herself to Deive.

"That mint green dress looks so refreshing. I think everything looks good on you."

She felt like her knees were buckling every time he told her how beautiful she is. And she realized that it made her feel better. Not as irritating as before. It was actually like music to her ears.

She stomped her feet as she slipped on the tulip dress he had chosen himself a while ago. It was wrong to be happy whenever he called her beautiful. The word beauty itself was taboo to her. It was an insult to someone who didn't want to be beautiful.

"Is this okay?" she asked when Deive was unmoving on the sofa as he looked at her. "I am really tired and hungry. Let's end this fashion show." Why was he looking at her intently? Maybe the dress doesn't look good on her.

"Sit, " he commanded and tapped the space beside him. I followed him, too tired to argue.

Deive stood up and went to the shoe rack. Her eyes followed him and the sales staff also had their eyes on him especially his nice ass. It was molded on his jeans. I never had a character with a nice physique like him. Or nice ass at that. The view was relaxing from here. He had no idea that she was fantasizing about his ass as he picked up sandals with delicate pearl straps. Then he crouched in front of her and took her left foot. "Try this."

He put on the sandals himself and she felt like reenacting a scene on Cinderella. Only, she was not the damsel in distress who gatecrashed a party. She was more like Beast who lives in the haunted mansion and he was Beauty who was forced to live with her.

"The sandals look better on your dress." He said after making sure that the shoes fit her. Then he gave her a red handbag. "Now you look perfect."

"What am I going to do with this?"

"Put your things inside. Your cosmetics and girly things…"

She laughed harshly. "Do I look like I need "girly things"?"

"Yes. You need those from now on."

"I don't have any, " Callea

answered in a flat voice.

"Then I will buy them for you. And you will use them even I have to put makeup on you myself."

She just pouted and let him pay for the dresses and shoes. He carried the shopping bags while she was satisfied holding the bag he gave her. "Are we going home now?" she asked. Her body felt heavier on every transformation he does to her.

"No. We still have lots of boutiques to visit."

She firmly shut her eyes. The light hurt her eyes. She didn't want to see people. She was not used being the center of attention or receiving admiring glances. Her head was starting to ache.

"I am not feeling well. Let's just go home, " Callea insisted as they entered the next boutique.

"Just one last boutique. These are just a few clothes."

"I am really tired, " she complained in a strained voice. She really felt like crying. Any more boutiques and fawning from their staff and she would break down.

"Fine. Just sit on the couch and wait for me." He looked at his watch. "Then we'll eat. We won't go home without eating lunch."

She looked up to him. She thought he would force her to dress up for him again and insist that she must look pretty. Worry was written on his face.

"Okay." She sat on the couch. She didn't want to argue and whine with him anymore because he might change his mind.

He had no qualms going through women's clothes and accessories without losing his masculinity. She had never met a man like him who would shop for a woman. I remember my dad when he was still alive. It would be like dragging a dead horse whenever my mom takes us shopping. But I remember the delight in my mother's eyes when one time her dad surprised her with a nice. It was something that her mother tried on at the mall but didn't buy because she prioritized dad's watch. She didn't know that her dad remembered it.

And it touched her heart. He reminded her of those days when her family was still whole. At that moment, she felt normal. Just like the old days. And Deive reminded her of her dad.

Deive looked at her direction as if he felt her eyes on him. He looked puzzled at first then gave her a teasing smile. It seemed like he knew that she was ogling his assets.

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