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"What's wrong with being beautiful? You're the only person I've met who doesn't like to look beautiful. You prefer to be ugly and scary? You are impossible."

"Well, to each his or her own."

He closed his eyes for a while. When he opened it, his eyes were like black diamonds which are hard to crack. "Try on these dresses now, " he commanded then pressed his hands on both sides of the fitting room's door frame. "If you don't' want to play Barbie, then I will dress you up myself."

She gulped and her whole being was shaken up. With the intent in his eyes, there was no mistake that he would deliver his threat if she didn't move now. "Fine. Go now if you don't want me to crush your hand when I close the door."

"I will wait for you at the couch. Model those dresses for me and don't keep me waiting, " he ordered then left with a smirk.

"Mr. Bossy, " she muttered and removed her clothes.

Callea was swift in changing her dress. Her heart was beating fast. Deive knew her size. He was even better than her when it comes to guessing the size of her body. It fits her perfectly as if his hand molder her body and his measurement was imprinted in his memory. Then he wanted to play Barbie with her? No way, Jose. He won't be that lucky.

She felt sluggish when she tried on the first dress. It was a lavender off-shoulder dress that reached just above her kne

a mother who lost her two sons and lost her mind. She laughs and cries while yelling, "Basilio! Crispin!")

Deive was such a good actor. He was good at this game.

Callea just gave them an equally sweet smile. There was no use being mad at them. This was her pretending to be his girlfriend. She must do her part.

She didn't bow her head when she walked towards Deive but she didn't look at him either. She was like an item that he was appraising. She was slowly losing her bravado. "Good. Show me the next one."

She didn't know how many times she took the trip to the dressing room to change clothes and parade in front of Deive. She wanted to fidget her dress because her legs were exposed. She was probably beet red while his eyes roam on her body.

He was the only one who was enjoying it and the staffs, of course. He probably promised a handsome tip to those staffs like what he did at the salon.

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