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   Chapter 41 The Unsteady Beat of Her Heart

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Joselito, who walked out a while ago, came rushing back while raising his hands. "Sir, I was just joking a while ago. I will handle your girlfriend's makeover. I will just pray that she won't eat me alive. I can do this. I will just prepare for her treatment." Then he walked away from them while whistling.

Deive grinned at her while her heart was smarting. She was defeated once again. "See?" he said in a tone that savored his victory.

She looked away from him then crossed her arms. "I will make it difficult for him."

"I will kiss you in front of all the people here if you won't behave, " Deive threatened her and his eyes bulged in a warning.

Callea blanched when she realized how serious he was. Would he really kiss her? She gulped while fighting the memories of their kiss. That one was private. But she didn't know how she would react if he would kiss her in front of those strangers while looking like a bloody ghost. Would he really take a risk of kissing her?

"Then try it. Or else…"

"Or else what?" His stern feature turned into a playful look. He put his face near hers. "Will you vex me with your voodoo doll? Or you will use a love potion? I am not scared of you." He held her nape. "Do you want to give it a try?"

Now, she was the one who got cold feet. He would kiss her again and this time, he wanted to prove something. Kissing was not for the sake of kissing at all. It was a competition for him right now.

And she couldn't let him kiss her or he would drive her crazy for real. He would have a harder time making her normal. Maybe she would have a nightmare afterward. Of course, she won't tell him how his kiss would send her system in haywire. He would only play her emotions in the end and she wo

ng her out. They were partners.

"Okay. My hair can be trimmed. Bangs is okay but is it okay if it will cover my eyes? I will just brush it sideways if needed."

"Sure!" Then he called the stylist. "Joselito, she's ready."

She was not moving on her seat when the stylist put some keratin hair formula on her hair and he started discussing its benefits on her hair. She was still scared to change herself. She still didn't want to be beautiful.

Deive put his hand on the top of her clenched one. "Don't worry. You will be fine after this. Just think that you have a much-deserved relaxation after a long year of working."

She didn't know if she could relax if he was holding her hands in comfort But it made the whole ordeal bearably at least.

What's not bearable was the unsteady beat of her heart.

She slowly let the air out of her lungs. She must get used to this setup. She must get used to the feel of his hand holding hers and she must be comfortable with his stare. If she wanted things to look natural for them, she must conquer her emotions. She must turn this weakness into a strength.

She closed her eyes. "I can do this. I can."

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