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   Chapter 40 Money Talks

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JOSELITO'S fingers were careful while combing her hair. After shampooing her hair, they prepared the treatment for her. But she knew that he was scared to change the style of her hair because he feared that she'd bite him.

"Well, her hair is surprisingly well-groomed. She doesn't need a rebond. Hair wax, hair spa, and Brazilian blowout out would do wonders to make it more beautiful, " said the stylist to Deive who was watching over his back like a supervisor.

She could see her groom's satisfied smile as he watched and nodded. "Good thing. I am wondering if there are creatures nesting in her head."

She gave him a stinky look. Is he implying that she has lice on her head? Callea might be a weird one in dressing up but she's very particular with personal hygiene. Her hair was her asset even when she was still young. It was long, black, straight, and has thick strands. Her mom used to tease her that she must audition for a shampoo commercial.

"As a part of the legion of darkness, my hair is my asset. Who knows, someday I will be a model of Stallion Shampoo and Conditioner."

Stallion Shampoo and Conditioner was a popular shampoo brand. There was a myth that when you use Stallion Shampoo, you will make guys gaga over you.

"Ah! You mean Stallion Shampoo horror edition?" Deive teased.

"Even villains need gorgeous hair, " she declared confidently.

"What hairstyle do you want, Ma'am?" the stylist asked.

She looked at him in the mirror. "The scarier, the better. Like the moment they see my h

if you can make her beautiful, " Deive declared with confidence. He got money to burn for her makeover.

"Sir, even if you give me your body, I won't fix your girlfriend. Hmp!" The stylist crossed his arms over his chest. "I still love my life."

"Let's go, Deive. I don't think they believe that customer is always right. Let's just go home." Yes! Her strategy was effective. No stylist would touch her now.

She was about to stand up when Deive barred his arms on both sides of the swivel chair, caged her then put his face closer to hers. It was challenging her. "Stay here. We won't leave her until you transformed into something acceptable."

"Well, no one wants to service me. Let's not waste our time."

"Don't celebrate yet, " he warned. "I can find someone to handle your makeover. I am rich. I am sure they would love to service you if I will give them a ten thousand pesos bonus."

There was a murmur of excitement around them. Money talks. Many people would do anything for that kind of money.

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