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   Chapter 39 I will make you more beautiful than Catriona Gray and Pia Wurtzbach

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Updated: 2019-11-19 15:09

The lady guard was adamant to do a body search first. She heard her uttering a prayer as she searches her body for a weapon. She wanted to scare her some more but she didn't want to entice any more trouble. They would nab her and that would be dangerous for both her and Deieve was already pissed off.

Deive pulled her hand when they entered the mall before the security personnel keeps on questioning them. "Jeez! Maybe they thought you are a lunatic. You must change your look later. I can't explain your costume to everyone, Callea."

"If you don't want me to create problems for you, you shouldn't have forced me out of the house, " she said with an arrogant tilt on her chin.

Callea felt cold. Aside from the cold aircon inside the mall, the shoppers' eyes were focused on her. They were trying to make out her face. She suddenly felt uncomfortable and put her head down. She just kept on walking while using her hair as a shield. She felt good because of the collective terror that she saw in their eyes. Right. She should not be ashamed of who she is. Not her problem if people are scared.

"Look! There's a dirty beggar here, " said a teenager and pointed at her.

"Maybe she's an actress and there's shooting here, " said the girl with.

"Maybe it is for a horror film."

"Why is the handsome guy with a woman who looks cursed?" asked from the group of gays.

"Mommy, I am scared of ghosts, " cried a little girl around four years old. She hid behind her mom's skirt while clinging to it.

"It is just a costume, honey. Don't be scared, " said the mother who gave her a frightened smile when Callea looked at her. "Maybe it is for Halloween."

"What Halloween? It is only March, " the husband argued.

"Then pe

k your girlfriend is an aswang." (Aswang - in Philippine folklore, it is a human who eats human innard at night)

Deive gave her a stern look then brush the hair off her face. "Don't worry. She's human. Just do something about her hair. Do whatever it takes to make her more… human. I will give you a handsome tip. Okay?"

Then we are good, Sir. I will do everything to make your girlfriend look more human, " Joselito declared with so much enthusiasm. When money talks, no task is scary. He laid his hand. "This way, Ma'am. I will make you more beautiful than Catriona Gray and Pia Wurtzbach. (Miss Universe Winners)"

Callea was disappointed. Scaring the stylist was not effective at all. But Deive was not over yet and whispered to her, "Be nice. Don't create any more scenes if you don't want me to take your picture and sent it to your grandfather. The fate of Villa Celesta is in your hands."

She gave him a sharp look but he only smirked at her. He found out her weakness. She had no choice but to march to the hair wash chair where the salon personnel who will wash her hair was waiting.

She could survive this. Anything for Villa Celesta.

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