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   Chapter 38 Coward Much

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She gave him an arrogant look despite her hair shielding her eyes. "What do you care? I am blinded by the light and it gives me a headache. You said it okay with you to bring me like this. So suck it up."

He opened the dashboard and took the shades inside then shoved it to her lap. "Here. Wear them. That one I polarized so it will filter the light."

"It won't fit my costume."

"Don't worry. It will look good on you. For a ghost cosplayer, you complain too much."

"Of course. I am abducted here. It is not like I agreed to go to this makeover session."

"Every time I look at you, I feel like I am like those guys on horror stories with ghosts riding with them to some destination. I should have forced you to change your clothes, " he murmured with the sullen look on his face.

She smirked and looked down her self. She was wearing a lace dress that reached just below her knees and had bell sleeves. It was fashionable… for a white lady that usually has a plain white cotton dress costume. Meeeeh! She could do better than that. Good thing he didn't force her to change her dress. She loved seeing his discomfort. Imagine what would people say if they see her and how he would react.

"You just forced me to come with you. We are now far from Villa Celesta. You already got where you want me. Isn't that enough?"

He was not happy that he dragged her out of the house against her will and wanted to murder her personality by forcing her to have a makeover. Now, his plans have a boomerang effect and will hit his face big time.

She was happy to look scary and bring fear to people. Callea was entertained when people were scared of her and would run in the opposite

ey are afraid of the things they don't know. There are humans who are scarier than ghosts. So before you blame me, remind your self whose fault it is in the first place."

He took a deep breath and shut his mouth. She won that round. But it would be a long day ahead and there's still war looming ahead.

After a few minutes, they parked at the Nuvali. Even the personnel and the security guard at the parking-ticketing booth were aghast when they saw her. They just ignored them and Deive's pout.

The guards were frozen at first when they passed for the security. "S-Sir, are you with someone?" the lady guard asked cautiously.

"I am with my…"

"Girlfriend, " she answered right away. "I am beautiful right?" Then she flashed a smile to the lady guard.

She gulped and was hesitant to do a body search. "S-Sir, isn't she dangerous? I mean, won't she hurt our customers?"

Deive just laughed at them even if he was not comfortable. "Oh! We are on our way to a costume party but we have to buy something inside…"

"Costume party? Okay. As long as she won't harm the customers, " said the male security guard.

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