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   Chapter 37 Traitors!

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"If you want to bring me with you then you have to bring me looking like this, " she said then put her hair in disarray. Let's see if he would still want to take her out of the house looking like a witch who had never met a comb before. There was still a smudge of eyeliner and mascara in her eyes. She looked pale and she was wearing a white bloody dress. She was in the mood the be a white lady that morning.

"Fine! I will take you out of this house looking like that."

She cried out when he carried her over his shoulder like a sack of rice. She hit him on his back and tried to kick him out but his stance remained steady. He was not bothered by her actions at all. The beast! And he won't be ashamed to leave the house with her looking like a horror house queen? Was he serious?

"Great! Try wiggling some more and keep on hitting me with your brutal love. The two of us would tumble down the stairs, " he warned.

She stopped moving. She stopped breathing at all. She didn't want to get hurt and she didn't want a trip to the orthopedic with Deive. She was not a bad person. She just wanted to be free. "You can put me down."

"No, " he answered nonchalantly then proceeded going downstairs. When they finally landed on the landing, she started wiggly an

we will do it my way."

Callea was not used to the hot imprint of the sun on her skin. She was drowning with too much light. She never had so much sunshine for a long time. She was a night owl. And her night body clock was not happy.

They left Nagcarlan riding Deive's car. She had no choice when he brought her to the car to bring her to the mall.

She was used to being cooped up inside Villa Celesta. Even if it's morning, it still looks dark so she could roam around. She just goes out of the mansion when the sun is gloomy or past midnight until dawn.

Her eyes were used to the darkness and she was definitely not a fan of the hot sun. She pulled down the sleeves of her dress and swept her long hair in front of her face to act as filter to the light.

"Don't cover your face with your hair!" Deive commanded in a stern voice.

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