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   Chapter 36 You have no choice

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She pursed her lips.. "I think you can co-exist. Don't get in my way, Deive. I will marry you, yes. But I don't care much about your friends or your colleagues. I could pretend for a while, sure. I will think of it as cosplay if I have to face them. But it doesn't mean I have to change my life because you commanded it."

"And if I insist?"

The corner of her lips kicked up. "Then let's see who will win."

She left the attic with her head held high. If Deive thought that she was like other people who would follow his every whim, he got another think coming. She was the queen of Villa Celesta. It was her territory. Her house, her rules. Deive should know his face. He doesn't own her.

She thought her problem is solved because she already had an agreement with Deive and they would have a marriage that would be dissolved later on. She was dead wrong. It seemed like she picked up a huge rock and bashed her head with it.

Lines were drawn. Deive must know his place.

CALLEA felt weak. She was dead hungry yet she refused to leave her room. She didn't want to see Deive or talk to him. She was still pissed off at him. She didn't even care if the time for dinner has passed. She ate inside her room instead last night. She wanted to eat brunch at the lanai but she could still hear Deive's voice.

She smelled the delicious scent of food even befor

of orange near her lips. "Yes. I am trying to make amends here. I already said sorry about your bat friends."

She thought he was only trying to be nice to her. She didn't expect him to apologize to the bats as well. She opened her mouth and took the orange he offered. "Well, you still have another fault. My dress…"

"Yes. I won't force you to wear those." He stood up and searched for her closet. He was dismayed when he didn't find the clothes. "Where are the clothes I bought for you?"

She pouted at the direction of the old treasure chest. "It's in there. I won't use them anyway."

"No!" he wailed. He opened the treasure chest and picked up a lavender floral dress. "Here. Wear this one. We have to go somewhere."

She crossed her arms over her chest. "I won't wear that one and I won't leave the mansion."

"Come with me. Please?" he begged and put his palms together as if on a prayer.

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