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   Chapter 34 I became a slave to his desires

Moonlight Bride By Sofia Characters: 4333

Updated: 2019-11-19 14:50

CALLEA kept on gazing on her antique Victorian watch. She had an appointment at one in the afternoon with Pipay, her designer. She was the one who creates her cosplay dresses whenever she writes. Pipay was a dear friend since high school when she used to defend him from those who bully her for being gay.

He was Philip then and Pipay now. It was Pipay who helps her hone her story and characters more. Sometimes she just creates dresses and that's where she based her stories. There's so much idea they could come up with simply designing dresses.

The dresses Pipay creates were based on her story and vice versa. The dresses were created for her characters alone. And because her graphic novels were popular, her fans had fun wearing them and cosplaying. Because she recognized Pipay as her costume designer, her fans go to her for costumes and she got a cut or royalty from her sales. They helped each other's businesses.

"It is already two and she isn't here yet. She said she's already in Calamba. What if there's something wrong?"

She took the extension phone beside the bed and called Pipay's cellphone. Her cellphone rang two times before she answered it in a sing-song voice. "Hello, Callea, dearest. It is nice to hear from you."

"Pipay, where are you? I want to see your new

a gorgeous man, Pipay would forget their friendship and open his arms for the handsome man. In her next story, she would make sure that Pipay will be his character and have ten sexy women terrorize him.

"Do you want me to bash your head with Deive's? I am your friend. We are partners. This is our job. Why did you allow Deive to dictate the flow of our work? This is just between you and me, Pipay!"

"But he is sooo handsome. I lost my mind, Callea. I became a slave to his desires. All I can say was "Yes, Master". Don't tell me he doesn't have that same effect on you? You would do everything he wants with a simple command."

Callea let our a curse. Her friend really lost her mind. Well, could she really blame her friend? She also lost her mind with him last night and let him kiss her. But her job was another thing she won't allow Deive to touch.

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