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   Chapter 33 Thanks for allowing me to kiss you

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Updated: 2019-11-19 14:40

He looked at the sketches and drawing at her wall. His palm flattens the creases on some. "I am sorry about your artworks if I ruined them." He scratched his chin, looking guilty. "I overreacted a bit last night."

"It's okay. In a way, it was my fault anyway. And I won't submit those to my boss anyway. They are just references. No big deal."

"So what story are you working on?" He looked at her sketches on the drawing table. "Is this it?"

Her eyes bulged when she saw it was her sketch of Deive. And it was not creepy or gore. It was a very sensual one.

He was about to pick up the sketch. He couldn't see it. She ran to the drawing table and snatched the sketch before he did. "No! Not this one."

"What is the problem? I will just look at it. I won't spoil it to your fans. I just want to see it."

She shook her head and put the paper on her back. "No! Just check out the other sketches but not this one."

What was Deive thinking? Why did he want to see her sketch? What if he thought that she was desiring him. Shame on her. She didn't know how to face him once he finds out the truth.

"I just want to see it. You are only making me more curious." He stretched his hand and tried to take the paper from her. "What are you hiding from me that I won't see once it is published. Come on. We won't be toget

ng into space as he left the room and sitting on her bed. Her heart was slowing its beat but her cells are still on high alert because of the kiss.

Wow! That is a kiss? That's what the fuzz was all about? So, that's it? Why does it leave me wanting more?

She wanted to knock on his room and ask him to kiss her some more. "Calm down, Callea. Calm down, " she admonished herself and shut her eyes. It was like a dam opened and desire was coursing through her veins. Desire that needs to be fed.

Kissing must be a natural thing for Deive. She must get used to it. She must get used to having every fiber of her being to be on a frenzy when he owns her mouth. They would be a couple in front of their family soon. After all, kissing could be some sort of a handshake to some. It didn't mean a thing to him, right?

That would be dangerous for her health. She couldn't risk it.

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