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   Chapter 32 HOW'S the groom that I had chosen for you

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Updated: 2019-11-19 14:10

After breakfast, she checked the pool area. Her heart nearly dropped when she saw Deive wearing only shorts and was not wearing a shirt at all. He was brushing the tiles of the pool, helping out the caretaker.

Callea hid behind the posts and got a glimpse of his wonderful physique. She could feel mouth watering. The sun was touching his bronze body drenched with sweat. His muscles bunched in every move. She had drunk some cold juice for breakfast but her mouth was parched once more. And if she was a vampire, she might have drunk a liter of blood… Deive's blood.

"What are you looking at?" Marina asked out of nowhere.

Callea jumped and clutched her chest. "Marina, you shouldn't surprise me like that. Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

"You were too busy staring. Are you looking at Señorito Deive?"

She looked back at Deive. "I am just checking if he is brushing it right. What if he is not good at it and he doesn't clean it well. He is from a rich family. He might not be used to doing menial works. What if this is his first time to hold a cleaning brush?"

"That's what I told him a while ago. But he said that he is willing to learn and he is not a snowflake when it comes to household chores. He said you will get married soon and you care so much about th

e garden. There were times that he would state up to the direction of the little as if he knew that she was watching. But during dinner, he didn't mention it. He only asked her how he could in improving the mansion.

"He looks smitten on you, Callea, " her grandfather said in a pleased tone. "We thought you won't get along with Deive since he is a city boy and very outgoing. I was told that he likes very vocal and social women. But he likes you even if you are a homebody. He said that you are beautiful like a night fairy. Good thing that you didn't put our family in a bad light, hija. I feared that Deive would be scared on his first night there. That you will don a vampire or witch costume…"

"I followed what you wanted, Lolo. I didn't face Deive while wearing my costumes. knows that I create graphic novels. At least he appreciates my talent."

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