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   Chapter 31 Your future husband is caring and handsome

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"GOOD morning, Luna! Good morning, Napoleon! Good morning, Marie Antoinette!"

Callea greeted the moment she opened her eyes. She closed it again to lessen the heady feeling then turned to her stomach. She had a good night's sleep even if she slept late because she had to fix her room. She woke up at ten in the morning. A bit late to Marina's standards because he loved reminding her that morning sunshine is good for her health.

It was such a good day. Finally, Deive knew the real Callea and the reason why she had to marry him. Now, they will help each other to attain their goals in life. She didn't have to stop herself from playing piano at night or worry if the dress she was wearing was not up to his standards or if she might scare him with her latest cosplay. He understood now why she must look like a lost soul one day and a witch on the next day.

She could be perfect the way her mood allows. She was free.

She could rest her mind now. She won't lose Villa Celesta. She didn't have to worry about her grandfather as well. He would think that she was in good hands.

After he morning ritual of cleaning up her face, brushing and combing her hair, she went out of her room. She was wearing her grandmother's old blouse made of sinamay made of abaca fiber and the old skirt that reached her ankle.

Deive who was on her way up the stair was surprised when he saw her. "Huh!" He nearly his balance and held to the handrail. "God! Callea, give some warning, will you? I thought your grandmother stepped out of the painting. You nearly gave me a heart attack. Sheesh!"

She laughed and tapped his shoulder. "Get used to it. This is what I normally wear every day. This is my favorite skirt and blouse of Lola." She noticed that he was dressed up in jeans and polo. He was even wearing his rubber shoes. "Are you leaving? Where are you going?"

"I had just arrived. I bought some supplies. I will just change into house clothes. I was about to wake you up so you can have breakfast toge


"Won't you join me for breakfast?"

"I already had mine with Mang Lito. But I reheated your breakfast. I have to go. I still need to attend to something."

She was wondering about his abrupt action as she descended the stairs. He looked too busy. Maybe it was about his business venture in Manila.

On her way to the kitchen, she saw Mang Lito and his teenager son from the window. They were cleaning up the tiles of the swimming pool.

She went to the pool area. "Mang Lito, why are you cleaning up the pool?"

"Good morning, Señorita. Señorito Deive told us to clean it up. He was scared that mosquitos would thrive here. You might get dengue fever."

"It has chlorine, Mang Lito." And it was cleaned regularly. They had just replaced the water the day before Deive came to the mansion.

"Maybe Señorito will use it. He bought the cleaning equipment himself."

She remembered that he fell down the pool on his first night at the mansion. Maybe he wanted to repeat the experience. Maybe he was scared that the pool was not clean enough and he might get allergies or catch a disease. She seldom used the pool. It was up to Deive what he wanted to do with the pool. After all, he was the one who took the initiative to clean it up.

She was having breakfast when Marina put down several small bottles in front of her. "Drink these after breakfast. These are vitamins and food supplements that Sir Deive bought for you."

"What for?" she asked.

"You always sleep late. He said that your immune system might weaken. Your future husband is caring and handsome. He also gave me vitamins and Mang Lito, too, so we could take care of you better."

Callea continued eating with a smile. She never thought about strengthening her body or how her work schedule could affect her well-being. "Looks like I have a nanny. Then he wants to the pool cleaned."

"There will be changes because of him, " Marina muttered.

Whatever the changes are, Callea hoped it would benefit everyone.

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