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   Chapter 30 We have to act like a real couple

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Callea's world stopped turning and her jaw dropped. "A-Are you sure? You will marry someone like me?"

"Now that we are being honest with each other, it doesn't seem so bad at all. I just hate the deceit. And I understand why you have to hide. We don't have to make excuses about why we don't like each other. If I back out of this, my grandfather will either disown me completely or send me to another woman that I don't like at all. And I am sure your grandfather will send another prospective groom to you. It might get uglier than this, Callea. At least with me, you don' have to pretend who you are."

"You are right." It was like a huge stone was off his chest now. She didn't have to pretend anymore.

"You told me that you want to keep Villa Celesta. I want to get out of grandfather's clutches. Perhaps it won't be a problem for both of us. You don't want to get married. I don't want to get married. But we have a common goal. Once we achieve our goals, we are free to live our own lives."

It sounded like a good plan. They would just give their grandfather what they wanted and they could go on their own merry way afterward.

"So it doesn't have to be a real marriage, right?" Callea asked cautiously.

"Are you asking me if we will consummate it?"

"Y-Yes…" The idea made toes shaking. They haven't even kissed yet.

He shrugged his shoulders then

k to my old room and unpack. I also need to shower because I smell like garlic."

Callea giggled when she thought of the garlic belt on his waist a while. "Did you return the garlic to the kitchen? Marina needs it to cook garlic rice tomorrow, " she teased.

"Yes. She told me not that I can't leave the house unless I surrender it to her." Then he suddenly brushed her lips over hers. "Goodnight, my bride. See me in your dreams."

She was stunned and he left her standing there. Deive kissed me… on the lips.

She could feel tingling on her nerve endings. It was short and sweet. And he had no idea how he rocked her world with a simple brush of their lips.

Her knees fold and she slumped on the antique chair. He said that she must get used to being close to him. How could she get used to it when a simple kiss could make her weak?

She was thinking if the marriage idea was the right thing to do.

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