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   Chapter 29 What will happen if you don't marry me

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"No! I didn't even kiss the girl."

She made a face. She didn't like men who were good at having a good time but didn't want to take responsibility. "Most guys prefer to escape the burdens of fatherhood so they can enjoy their lives as a bachelor. They will tell a woman, have sex with her then leave her for another woman. What is the best punishment for a man who cheats or someone who fucks and run? You know, in my graphic novel, the white lady cut off the man's happiness."

"By scaring him to death?"

"By cutting off his dick literally, " she answered with a creepy smile.

Deive's face reddened and hit the center table with his palm. "Hey! Are you even listening to me? And why do you want to cut off a man's dick? What has he done to yo anyway?"

"A man who cheats deserves to dickless.

"If you know what you are missing, you won't say that."

Then there was a mischievous glint in his eyes. Callea looked her eyes away because it was her turn to get red-faced. She felt the heat creeping her body.

She got his insinuation. As a virgin, she had no idea what pleasure a man could actually give to a woman.

"So, you quit Coco Hontiveros because of that?" Callea asked.

"I was fired! Even if I am innocent, my grandfather still kicked me out of the company." Deive shrugged his shoulder and his look was agonizing. That m

to get hurt again for being different. And Luna, you saw what happened to her. I might not be able to save her anymore."

She could handle things herself. She was worried about the two people close to her heart. She might not be able to protect Luna and Marina anymore.

Deive looked at her for a long time. She swept her hair to cover her face because he was starting to melt her. What's his problem? Why was he making her uncomfortable? Did he think that it was all drama?

"Don't, " he commanded and stopped her hand when she tried to put more hair infront of her face. He swept her hair away off her face and dried her tears with his clean handkerchief. "Don't cry, Callea. I can help you so you won't lose Villa Celesta."

She sniffed. "Really?"

"Yes. And that is the only way to get the money I need to start up my business and get my grandfather off my back. Let's get married."

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