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   Chapter 27 I Don't Believe You

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Updated: 2019-11-19 13:44

Villa Celesta was not only for her but for Marina and Luna. It was their safe haven from all the judgmental people who wanted to harm them. They could leave there without judgment. They were happy there.

Callea didn't want Marina to suffer from people who hurt her and put her down because of her physical appearance. She wanted her friend to feel comfortable with herself and appreciate her own beauty. She didn't need validation from people who thought they were better than other people and enjoy putting other people down because of their physical superiority.

She wanted Luna to keep on receiving love from her, not the cold streets with people who are cruel to animals or other cruel cats who thought she was a competition when it comes to food.

And Callea didn't want to face the danger of the world because of her own beauty. She didn't want any more blood in her hands.

"Then talk to Deive while he is still here. He is still your visitor. Be a gracious host. You must fix this. Show him that you didn't intend to harm him or lead him on. I think he will understand."

She didn't want to face Deive or beg him to stay. It would be impossible for him to listen. But he was too good for her. She just wanted to thank him and show him that he was appreciated. Marina was right. She couldn't let Deive go without cl

"Don't give me that crap, Callea! That cat is pure evil. Maybe you trained him to attack me so I will get scared."

"Look. Luna was traumatized before because she has bad experiences with people. And whether you believe me or not, I want you to know that I accepted you properly as a guest. I tried to be a great host…"

He smiled sarcastically. "So this is your version of hospitality. You made it seem like this house is haunted and you pretended to be a ghost to scare people away. That's a nice touch."

"I didn't try to scare you away, " she corrected him. "I didn't pretend to be a ghost. Whatever you saw a while ago, that's part of who I am. I don different costumes of the characters I write as part of my internalization. I put on different costumes I can get a feel of my characters and the story more."

His eyes squinted. "Try another one. I don't believe you."

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