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   Chapter 26 You are bound to lose Villa Celesta now

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"Yes. When I realized that there are ghosts here, I thought about your welfare right away. I went to your room looking like a quack doctor or a shaman to make sure you are okay. I prayed at the church this morning. I kneel for a couple of hours, begging for protection. And I am the type who doesn't pray. Good thing I didn't get an exorcist or I would look like a fool. Maybe you are laughing at me right now. I got scared of the sounds I heard. I believe in white lady and evil ugly cat."

Luna screeched again as if insulted by Deive's statement. The cat tried to attack Deive so she picked up the cat right away. "Stay here, Luna." She noticed some gashes on his arm. It looked like he had another match with Luna. "A-Are you hurt?"

She didn't expect that he would go through lengths just to protect her. She didn't think that he would seriously take everything he saw and heard. Her only fault was that she let it go too far. He was ashamed and hurt because of her. He didn't deserve it.

"I have no intention to hurt you or deceive you, " Callea protested in a low voice.

He threw away the sketches on the floor. "Save your breath! As if I will still believe you." His face was red with anger. "This is quite a show. You made me look stupid. To think that I even cared for you. Callea, I won't force someone who doesn't want to marry me. If you don't want me, you should have told me right away. It would save us both time, effort and emotion." He untied the string of garlic on his waist. "Don't worry. I will vacate your haunted house soon."

His footsteps were heavy as he made his way to the door. She went after him.

"Deive, wait! You can't just leave…" It was in the middle of the night and he was still swimming in emotions. It would be dangerous for him to drive.

"How am I supposed to stay here? You are insane!" He pointed a finger at Luna. "Your cat is insane." He spread his arms and lifted it up. "This whole house is insane. I have to leave while there's still sanity left in me."

Then he stormed out of the room. She flinched when he closed the door with a bang. I felt weak and let go of

Luna. It saddened her that things would end up like this with Deive. She was starting to like him. She didn't want him to leave with a misunderstanding. He must be thinking that she was an awful person.

I slumped on the floor and Her room was a mess. Her life was a mess. All because of her real identity. Because she didn't come clean with Deive in the first place. He was right. She wasted his time.

"This is all my fault, Luna. This is all my fault."

TEARS show anew as Callea cleaned up the clutter in her room. Her sketches were crumpled but there's noo tear. Her costumes were all over the place and her skeleton friends were detached. She could easily fix those. But she couldn't fix the mess she had created.

She heard the sounds from Deive's room as he packed his clothes. She couldn't face him. Would he believe in her? And will he accept her if she told him the truth?

She was in shambles when Marina entered her room. "O! What are you doing here, Señorita? Your groom is about to leave. He said he won't come back here anymore. He was also mad at me. He said that we are in connivance in terrorizing him. What do I know about that?"

"I am sorry. He learned the truth about me. He entered my room a-and she saw me looking like a bloody white lady. He thought that I am just trying to scare him so he won't go through with the wedding."

"Since the beginning, I told you to tell him about the truth, remember? You didn't listen to me. Now, this happened, " she sermoned.

"If I showed him the real me, I am sure he would be scared right away. I mean, who would marry a weirdo like me? Lolo Thomas would be mad if I do that. Deive would think that I am crazy. He would lose his interest to stay here in Villa Celesta." She was only thinking about her own welfare. She didn't want to lose the house.

"Well, you are bound to lose Villa Celesta now. You are cooped up inside your room and crying. As if it would help. It was as if you are counting your last days in this house. Do you want to lose this place?"

Callea shooked her head. "No! I don't want to leave the mansion. This is our home."

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