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   Chapter 24 It Is Time

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Updated: 2019-11-19 13:30

Deive was ready for battle. It was close to midnight. There is antique cross from his family's mini-museum, a bundle of Dead Sea salt, and a chain of garlic that he wore around his waist like a belt. He also wore a red shirt so lost souls won't come near him. He did all the superstitions that her grandmother used to tell him. He didn't mind if he was starting to get dizzy with the smell of garlic. What mattered was he could protect Callea and she could live a normal life.

He finished chatting with Callea around ten in the evening. He wanted to make sure that she's in deep slumber when he fights the evil in the mansion. Once the bad spirits are defeated, Callea will love him. And she would also won't think twice in marrying him.

"It is time, " he muttered when he saw at the clock it was five more minutes before midnight. He came out of the room. He held the cross in front of him and served as his protection with each step. The night was still quiet. A few steps from Callea's room he heard the voice of a woman singing.

Giliw, bakit mo ako nilisan? (My dear, why did you leav

. "Let go!"

He shouted when the cat scratched him anew. What will happen to Callea now? How else could he save his bride if he was still on a battle with the evil feline?

He stepped back some more. The next thing he knew, the stuff behind him toppled over him. He crossed his arms over his head to protect himself from the falling items. When he opened his eyes, all different books and assorted clothes surround him.

He felt hands touch his shoulder. He could hear the sound of his neck as he

Slowly turned. His whole being shouted in fear when he saw a hand made of bones holding his shoulder. When he followed the owner thereof, a skull was staring at him.

A skeleton dressed bridal gown was almost hugging him.

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