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   Chapter 23 What if they become vampires

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It was starting to get dark and she couldn't see the letters in the old paper anymore. She lit the candle. There a light bulb in the room but she still preferred to use the candles when in the attic. She wanted to go back to how her ancestors did things.

"This is it. You listen to me first before you leave, " she said and picked the candle holder in one hand and a book in the other.

She paused with her storytelling him when she was bothered by a knock. "Callea! Callea!" called by Deive.

"Just wait there, " she said and set the book on the table. She opened the door, holding a candle in one hand. "Yes?"

"Whoa!" exclaimed Deive and suddenly stepped back. "Callea?"

"What? Do you think I'm a ghost."

He breathed deeply and cupped his chest. "Why did you put the candle on your face?" He took the candle holder from here. "Is there no light bulb in here or electric connection? What if you cause a fire?"

"Not really! Where have you been, by the way? I was worried about you earlier because you just left this morning without a word. " She was excited to give him a tour around the house and she even cleared her schedule. So she was concerned when he didn't come during lunchtime and he hadn't returned yet. She thought that he totally scared him off and he no longer had plans to get to know her more and marry her.

"I am back! Didn't I call earlier that I just need to do something important?"

"I'm sorry. I was worried, " she whispered in a sad voice.

She was excited to give him a tour. She even asked everyone to clean up so it won't be embarrassing to prese

bats. He would definitely drive her to the mental hospital. "I read the book by Lola Celesta. I prefer to read them out loud. She had many different old books. And some of them, she made herself. That's what she read to her kids. I think I got my writing talent from her." She looked up to the paintings of Lola Celesta hanging in the living room. "We look alike. That is why I love this House. I also feel protected here."

His eyes sparkled as if something dawned in him. She was not prepared when he suddenly pulls her and hold her tightly against his body. "I will protect you, too, Callea."

She stood still for a while, savoring the heat of his body. After a while, she slowly closed her eyes. She embraced his promise. She also would like to have someone to protect her.

But does she know Deive completely? Can he protect her from the ghosts that she feared? She would forget about those ghosts first. Now, she is just a normal woman. She will return to her real world tonight.

But for now, she wanted to feel free at the cocoon of his embrace.

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