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   Chapter 22 I'm Willing To Do Anything

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"THANK you very much for a blouse and skirt, Señorito Deive. Now I look like Anne Curtis and Merian de Vera, " Marina referred to her favorite actors she watched on TV as she pressed her new dressed to her body. "Even a hunchback like me would look good in these."

That afternoon when he arrived with groceries and other supplies. He did not forget to give something for the elderly caretakers of the mansion and Marina as well. Marina was happy because aside from the Lopez family, it was the only time that she received gifts.

"I am so thankful that you take care of Callea, " Deive said in an appreciative tone.

The pink bolero looked goof on her. It was loose to fit the defect in her back. "No need to thank me. I will take care of Señorita Callea because I owe her my life. If not because of her, I would be dead in the streets a long time ago. She's the first person who treated me like a normal human being, better than my how my own blood treats me."

Callea really had a good heart, far from the negative perceptions of other people about her. She treats people right with no discrimination on his or her looks and background. She loved taking care of people and Deive wanted to take care of her in return.

"Can you help me, Marina?" asked Deive in

ith these understood mammals. Silly people were scared of these animals due to the horror stories that were told about them. They were not even aware of their benefits to the environment. They became a permanent resident at the Villa Callea.

"Oh! There's a baby bat there. It has been days before I went up here again and you got additional cutie in the family."

She didn't allow Luna to come up at the attic because it would bother the bats. The bats are also her friends. She can get inspiration from them. Even Marina and old caretaker don't bother them.

"Ah! Grandma Celesta told me a story about your ancestors, " she told the bats. "I will read you a story." She turned to the old book of stories written by her grandmother. All were fictional and she wanted to pass it on to her children and her grandchildren to remember her by.

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