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   Chapter 21 That Cursed Woman

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He throttled his car to Santa Rosa. He was forced to treat his brother for lunch. His eyebrows meet during the meal. "I am sorry, bro. I went to church first and I didn't notice the time."

"Why? To fix the date of marriage?" He gave him a paperbag. "Do you need it for your wedding?"

He checked the items inside the paper bag. An antique cross. According to his Grandpa, the cross was found inside a cave in the settlement of pre-Spanish Filipinos. It was believed that it can vanquish the evil elements and ghosts. There was also salt from the Dead Sea that are believed to provide protectio from losts souls whose loneliness beckoned it to call to the living to take them to the afterlife.

He was forced to call an ex-girlfriend with an aunt who was albularya or a quack doctor. A classy albularya. She said that there must be cross and to make the ritual more effective they will use the miraculous Dead Sea Salt.

"I just need it for Callea." Deive patted his brother's shoulder. "Thanks, bro! This is really important for us."

"You asked me to steal the artifacts from the collection of Granny in mini museum."

"Borrow not steal, " Deive corrected.

"You nearly asked me to fly to Israel just for Dead Sea Salt. The aunt of your ex nearly used a love potion on me." He shook his head he loathed the experience. "And the salt is expensive."

"This is for your future sister-in-law anyway."

He slightly leaned forward and looked him in the eyes. "Brother, seriously, do you have to marry Callea?"

He met his eyes and nodded. "Yes."

He made a tsking sound. "That's too bad. My new assistant is gorgeous and has killer legs. That's your weakness in a woman, right? "

He just grinned. "Not anymore. I am done with that."

"Why not?"

"I am a changed man. Before coming here, I went to church and prayed for the forgiveness of my sins, my past liaisons with women included. And I promised that I would be faithly to Callea. I really want to marry her."

"I don't think so, " Keiran voiced his disbelief. "I don't think you will stick in one woman. Come on!"


And the two laughed mocklingly.

He curled his palm in frustration and pressed his lips toher. His Callea, a character in a horror film? No way! She was an angel. These two women looked more horrific to him with their thick make up. As if their artfully done faces could make up for their rotten attitude.

"I must be going. Enjoy your day, " he said and turned away from the two. To his annoyance, he just left the skirt and didn't pay for it at all. He was still a gentleman and didn't want to engage in an argument with those two.

He did not want to see those two wicked women anymore. He must admit that he was taken by sophisticated beauties until a few days ago. Those women who knew how to dress up and say the right high fallutin' words. It was easy for them to other people whom they felt were inferior to them.

But they had no right to judge anyone specially Callea and Marina just because of what went through in life, appearance or where I live.

He'd better leave while he could still can. He didn't want to hear any absurd things about his beautiful Callea. He was sure that those two women were just jealous because she snagged a prime catch like him.

But he still had another pressing issue. He needs to exorcise the ghosts of Villa Celesta recalls and protect Callea. If he couldn't fight off the evil spirits, he must take Callea away from the mansion to protect her.

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