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   Chapter 20 Are You An Aswang

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"GOOD morning!" Callea greeted Luna when she woke up the next morning. The cat yawned and stretched as she rubbed its head. "Did you sleep well? So do I, Luna. I love our lullaby."

Luna slept on her bed and didn't want to leave her side. Because of Deive's kiss, she had a hard tie sleeping. She was not able to play the piano late at night. She did not want to scare Deive. So she played her favorite sound effects to set the mood - the sound of crying white lady. A few moments later, she was fast asleep. The computer was set the computer to shut down after once the music file stopped playing. So, it was okay if she woke up late because she had a good night's sleep. She only hoped that it didn't interrupt Deive's slumber.

She was surprised the moment she stepped out of the room. There was something coarse on the floor. Marina was very particular with cleanliness in the house. Her house might look haunted but Marina couldn't stand cobwebs and specks of dust. That was why she was used to walking on a smooth and polished wooden floor since she loved walking barefoot most of the time.

When she looked down, she saw iodized salt scattered on the floor. Moreover, there's a bunch of garlic next to her door. She picked up the garlic. "How did it end up here? What's going on?"

Marina was preparing a late breakfast for her when she went to the lanai. Her face wrinkled when she saw the garlic. "Oh! You got the garlic. I've been looking for it. What scene did you come up with and you got garlic with you? Good thing I just got enough garlic to use for fried rice."

"I didn't use that. I just saw t

and closed his eyes. He didn't mind if he got tired of kneeling for a long time.

When he thought he already confessed all his sins and asked for forgiveness, he decided to leave the church. God won't allow an innocent like Callea to be harmed. At least he was confident that she was protected. Then he noticed that he stayed inside the church for more than two hours. That must be a lot of sins and lots of asking for mercy. Or maybe he was just really scared for Callea and their future.

It was already past ten in the morning when he looked at his Patek Philippe watch. There were hundreds of missed calls and text messages on his cellphone from his brother Keiran. He had been waiting for him at a mall in STA. Rosa, Laguna. He called his brother up. "Hey! I am sorry! Have you waited for so long? "

"I've been here even before the mall opened. Are you coming or not?" he asked in an irritated tone. "You are wasting my time."

Great! His happy-go-lucky brother suddenly became responsible the moment he held a position in Hontiveros Coco.

"Okay. I am coming."

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