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   Chapter 19 He Needed To Protect Callea

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Updated: 2019-11-19 13:15

"HOW's the groom-to-be? Are you ready to cry to stop the wedding? Or do you want to my help to escape?"

Deive gave his friend, Sydney, a tired lookwhen he had the video conference friends on his laptop. Fortunately, he brought his laptop and an internet connection is available also in the area.

"Me? Runaway from Callea? " He clucked his tongue and smiled as if to he was daydreaming. "No, dude! She's an angel. You should have tasted her bulalo. She's a great cook. This woman is a keeper."

His brief relationships with other women made him feel restless before. Though he was not the fuck and run type, he was not the type to settle to a woman. There was something missing. Now he knew. He wanted the feel of being home. Silly as it may sound, he me her think of permanence. Being married to him was not like a noose around his neck anymore.

His other friends groaned. His friends were not big on relationships either. They avoided it like Black Plague. They said having a serious girlfriend was more tiring than running a business. They won't understand that he was smitten by his future bride. Lucian caressed his own chin. He looked like as if her declaration was an impending disaster. "You got it bad, dude! Now you speak like that about a woman. A nymph? An angel? "

"I don't really mind marrying someone like her. She's gorgeou

out of the hallway. The cries were coming from Callea's room. He could feel chills on every inch of his skin as he trudged barefoot on the cold floor.

When he reached the door of Callea's room, it was suddenly quiet. The crying stopped. He knocked still. "Callea! Callea, are you okay? "he asked.

He didn't hear an answer. He pressed his ear on the door. He didn't hear any sobs. Not even a squeak or a breathe. It was eerily quiet inside the room. It looked like she was already in a deep sleep. The moment passed and he didn't hear a thing. Perhaps it was just his imagination.

His body became colder when he thought about the bleeding white lady and the evil cat he saw the night before. It must be her. He quickly ran back into his own bedroom and lock the door. He prayed so hard for the first time in his life. The house was really haunted.

He needed to protect Callea in any way.

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