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   Chapter 18 She Hated That Kiss

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"Are you not afraid that you only have Marina with you?" asked Deive while they while he was nursing her coffee and she was having her milk tea in verandah after dinner. The air was cold. The moon was full with a few clouds disturbing the night sky. What a lovely night.

"What should I be afraid of? I already told you that no robber would come here."

He shrugged. "Because this place is old and people think that there are elementals and ghosts living here."

"You believe it?" Callea grinned then her eyes widened. "Have you seen one?"

Deive became restless eyes and didn't know where to look. He seemed to calm himself later on and focused his attention to the round moon. "Silly. There is no such thing."

She slightly leaned to him. "What if there are really ghosts?"

For a long moment, he stared at her. As if he was trying his best to hide his fears. She wanted to see how far his courage would go. Finally, he smiled and caressed her cheek. "Don't be afraid because I will protect you. You are always welcome to embrace me when you are scared."

She sat properly and moved her body away from him. He thought she was afraid of ghosts. He had no idea that she was the ghost. She drank her tea once more. "So it means it is okay if we just live here?"

He cleared his throat. "We can discuss it once when we are married."

It would be a tug of war. He had no intention of living in the mansion because he thinks it is haunted. And she won't leave Villa Celesta

rned her world down. Her heart was beating erratically. She wet lips with her tongue. That lingering kiss really nailed her.

She wants ... She wants some more.

"No!" It cannot be! " She turned to Luna who was sleeping soundly in her bad beside his bed. Picking up the innocent cats, she cooed at her gently "Luna! He kissed me. He said I am beautiful! What should I do?

Luna meowed as if crying when she shook it, asking for her answer. Like it was begging her to stop her from shaking because it was starting to become dizzy. But nothing could beat the mess Deive brought into her world.

He kissed her twice now. Okay. Not an X-rated kiss but those were kisses just the same. She hated him. She hated his kisses because she wanted some more.

She hated that kiss because it was driving her crazy. He was driving her crazy.

She didn't know how to face tomorrow when he was evoking new emotions inside her. Feelings that made her feel so scared because it might ruin her.

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