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   Chapter 17 Do you want to go with me when we get married

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Callea kept of shoving spoonful of food into her mouth because she couldn't think of gross and scary things during dinner to negate the captivating view of Deive's smile at her while they were eating. She just focused on eating a lot to her deep frustration.

"Hmmm ... this will ruin my diet. Homecooked meals make forget about discipline in food, " Deive moaned after slurping bulalo or beef stew bone.

"Food is supposed to be devoured and enjoyed, " Callea assured.

"I'm in trouble with my gym instructor. This bulalo is to die for."

"Marina cooked that one."

When she took Marina under her roof, she saw her potential in her cooking. She was so good that even just a simple vegetable soup could taste gourmet-ish. That was why she had fun teaching her her grandmother's recipe and some recipe of her own.

"She's good. How long have she been here with you? "asked the young man.

"Two years."

"Why did you get her as your helper?" he asked casually.

Her eyes became sharp. "Marina is not a hired help. She's a friend. She is my companion."

"Really?" he asked with disbelief.

She tightly held the steak knife and pressed her lips. What was he trying to imply? That Marina should not be her friend because she was a hunchback? Was she stooping low in his opinion?

So Deive was no different from the cruel people outside. They judge people base on their appearance and now on substance. She loathed superficial people. Marina was a good person. Why should people judge her because of her deformity? As if she wished to be born a hunchback. Too bad. Marina thought Deive was a nice guy.

Deive looked alarmed and stopped eating. "Hey! Don't get me wrong. I do not judge your friendship with Marina. But it is just you two in this huge mansion. What if some robbers decided to come here? Who will protect you?"

ps, you can dig for sweet potatoes underneath. We have lots of root crops here."

"Don't worry. I'm not with Hontiveros Coco anymore but I am working on a project with some of my friends. A pirate cruise ship. "

"Wow! So it was like an old, dusty pirate ship like the one on Pirates of the Carribean?" Callea's eyes sparkled when she thought of the skeletons of dead pirates rising from the depths of the water to wreak havoc to the world. There were underwater treasures guarded by a giant monster. It was exciting! They finally had something in common.

Deive shook his head. "It would be an elegant floating hotel. I really want to travel the world when on board the ship. I think it is cool. " It presents the palms. "Do you want to go with me when we married?"

She looked at his stretched hand. It was a splendid invitation for any normal, starry-eyed woman who was in for a romance with a handsome man.

She smiled a bit. She was not directly refusing his offer to travel on his cruise ship. She had no plans to get out of the mansion and travel the world. The world was too vast and too cruel for the likes of her. She was happy to spend the rest of the life inside the mansion, away from the crazy world.

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