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   Chapter 15 Cut the D ck

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She nearly pummeled his face in frustration. He was just playing. She wanted to get mad but decided to keep on treating the scratches. Drat this man! She nearly had a heart attack when she thought he was hurt. To think that her conscience was bugging her because of the misfortune that had befallen him. Or maybe he was pushing her conscience to the max. She couldn't get mad at him even if he was tripping on her. It was her fault that Luna attacked him anyway.

Now she could see her body up-close. He didn't have an ounce of flab. His smooth tan was tantalizing like chocolate, maybe because he enjoys outdoor sports. Her pale white skin is in contrast with his dark one. And she kinda liked it. What if she caressed his muscles?

She shook her head to clear her thoughts. How could she concentrate on his treatment if her body was screaming for him like she wanted to devour him? She was attracted to him like any normal woman.

She didn't like this attraction a bit. It was foolishness to desire him. She didn't want to be any normal woman and become a slave to such beauty.

She thought about creepy thoughts instead. A zombie, it's body was decaying. He lost his other eye and it was even swollen.

She grinned at the thought. Then there was a baby monster that had just been released from the womb and bathing in blood.

Her creepy thoughts reduced the awkwardness she felt while treating Deive. She thought about the next scene in the novel she was doing.

About how the white lady ghost would seek her revenge to her ex-boyfriend who forced her to have an abortion. She would cut off her ex-boyfriend's dick. And she thought about how she would kill other men who didn't want to face their responsibilities.

Harharhar! Bloody revenge.

Cut the dick!

"What's with that sinister smile?"

Callea's smil

of all, she doesn't want to be called beautiful. She even yelled at Marina earlier for praising her beauty.

But he let Deive call her beautiful. And she loved it.

"Eeee!" she screamed loudly and pulled off her ponytail. She pulled her hair like a crazy woman.

She faced the mirror and stared at her reflection. She was now far from the presentable woman earlier. Her face was covered with unruly hair. "How did I become beautiful? I didn't even put on make up. Deive must be trying to soften me up."

She angled her face and tried to look for proof that she was beautiful. Her eyes burst while looking at her body in her pastel-colored dress. She quickly took off her dress. She grabbed the old maid's costume that was tattered and marked with blood. Then she flopped down the bed and stared at the ceiling.

A real smile shone on her lips. Finally, she felt normal. The woman earlier with Deive was a fake. That woman didn't exist. Not even at the outside world.

The unkempt hair and tattered clothes were the real Callea Lopez. She people outside this mansion sees her as a ghost. She decided to be a ghost day and night. But inside that mansion, she was alive.

In that place, she was really free.

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