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   Chapter 14 What Are You Waiting For

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He bit the omelet and smiled. "For now, I won't argue with that." He closed his eyes as if experiencing the food. "Hmmm ... this is delicious." He shoved another spoonful in his mouth. She thought he would heal fast because he was not a picky eater. "I had not tasted homemade food for such a long tie because often outside I eat. "

"I need to learn." She was always alone that's why she had to learn how to do house chores on her own. When Marina lived with her, help her with cooking. When it comes to cleaning the House is couple Manang Poleng and Mang Lito's task to help her.

Deive's robe started to gape open because of his movement. She could get a glimpse of his sexy body. His abs were ripped. It was early morning and the weather is still cool but she had a raging inferno inside her body. Having a sexy, raw male inside the house was more nerve-racking than any horror stories she had written. She felt like offering to remove his robe and let her hand travel on his body. Bad! He was turning her into a carnal sinner.

She averted her eyes to keep her from sinning some more when she noticed something. There were markings on his chest. There were also scratches on his arms.

"I'm done!" he declared it and took the glass of juice.

She clutches on his arm and stared at the markings. It was Luna's scratch."What happened here?"

"I don't know where I got it, " he innocently said.

"Hey. Don't move." She hurriedly went to the bathroom and got the

t know what to do. Her hand holding the cotton was shaking. He overwhelmed her. She was still innocent. What was the first thing she must do?

What kind of groom did her grandfather gave him? They were not even together for an hour but he was turning her world around.

"Callea, " he uttered.

"Yes?" Should she start treating him? Where do? How? Someone help her!

The gape on his robe widen. "What you waiting for? Treat me."

How could she treat him when she was not herself? Maybe she was the one who must see a doctor.

She reluctantly sat up. She slowly gets the cotton balls and put some drops of povidone iodine. Her hand trembled. She breathed deeply to control herself.

Like slow motion as she drew the cotton on deep scratches on his chest.

"Ahhh!" he cried in pain.

She panicked. "Is it painful? I'm sorry! Sorry! " She blows on the scratch to lessen the pain.

"Hehehe!" When she looked up, he was grinning from ear to ear. "It's just practice."

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