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   Chapter 13 I'm Callea

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Updated: 2019-11-19 13:01

CALLEA glanced at her reflection on the big antique mirror in front of the hallway on the second floor on her way to see Deive. She scrubbed her face this morning and her skin looked glowing. Her hair was in place. Not a strand of her hair on her face.

Even the dress she was wearing was simple but decent. No traces of the white lady that terrorized Deive from the previous night. She could face him now with confidence.

When she reached the door of his room, she slowly knocked three times. "Deive!"

She clipped her hair behind her ear. She was not sure if Deive saw her face last night. She hoped he won't recognize her. She didn't want him to fear her. Her grandfather would surely disown her and kick her out of the mansion. She would be homeless and she shuddered at the thought.

She didn't hear a peep from Deive's room. He might be slumbering because he felt bad. She turned the antique door help. It was not locked.

She opened the door and stepped inside the room. He must wake up to eat breakfast and to drink his medicine afterward. She didn't want his condition to worsen. That would be another burden to his conscience.

She stilled when she saw that there was no one on his bed. She put the tray of food on the bedside table when the bathroom's door flew open. Deive suddenly came out of the bathroom wearing only in his robes. Its lapels were opened on each side and she caught a glimpse of his tanned, b

breakfast. You shouldn't have bothered bringing me food. " He suddenly turned away when he sneezed. "Damn!"

"You are really sick."

"It is just cold."

"You don't have to hide it. Marina noticed that you were not feeling well. "

"You worry too much. It would be gone in a bit, " he quipped and raised both hands. Then he forced a smile. He didn't look any better. In addition to his cold, she thought his head must be hurting, too.

She clucked her tongue "Just eat. Don't tell me you don't have plans to eat the food I cooked for you. You already missed dinner last night."

"I am sorry, " he muttered in a weak voice.

He sat on the chair and faced the food. "Fine. I will eat." Perhaps he was embarrassed because she did not hide her disappointment he did not show at dinner the previous day. "Where is your food?"

Callea gave him a nod. "I will eat with Marina later. I want you to rest all day until I am sure that you are well."

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