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   Chapter 12 She Didn't Want to be Called Beautiful

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Callea kept on singing while cooking in the kitchen. She grated the cheese on the ham and chicken omelet. She glanced at the fresh fruit on the table. What would Deive prefer - Mandarin orange or mango shake?

Even Marina was surprised when she entered the kitchen while rubbing her sleepy eyes. "O! Why are you cooking? I told you that I will cook for you. "

Callea just smiled and folded the omelet in half using wok shovel. "You're tired yesterday for helping me. It's okay if you return to bed and sleep longer. You can leave the kitchen to me and I won't burn the house."

"I will take care of that. I cook for a handsome visitor." She pointed her pouted lips upward, to refer to Deive who was still sleeping in the guest room. "The man you will marry is so handsome! He said that he caught traffic so he was delayed."

With a raised eyebrow, she asked, "Really? Traffic?"

But she could not help but smile. Marina was obviously feeling giddy with Deive's presence. Callea thought her friend didn't appreciate handsome men. She was hurt before, loathed by people, avoided like a plague. It meant the Deive treated her well. And she looked hurt if she won't let her friend cook for Deive.

Her friend's loyalty was changed overnight. Marina was now Team Deive.

"Señorita Callea, don't be angry with me. I know you don't like him. You felt like he thinks you are less important when he didn't arrive on time. But I could feel that he was a good man, " she defended Deive. "So if you don't want to cook for him, I will handle it."

She secretly smiled and took out the omelet from the pan. "Don't worry. I made my Deive. "

She gaped at her in disbelief. "Why?"

"And why not?" she asked and laid the omelet on the table along with other food she cooked earlier. "He is a visitor here so it is natural to prepare food for.

"It means you're not mad at him tho

ether when Marina left. She set the table for the breakfast that she was about shared with Deive.

She didn't want to be beautiful. She didn't want to be called beautiful.

She must calm herself. She must not be affected by this. When in front of Deive, she needed to be like a normal woman.

A few minutes later Marina returned. "He said couldn't get down for breakfast because he wants to sleep some more. But I think he is feeling bad. When he opened the door, he kept on sneezing. His eyes and nose were swollen. I guess he did not sleep well. I will send him food, " her friend said nd took the tray to put some food for Deive.

"He is sick?" Callea softly asked.

Of course, he was sick. He fell on the pool last night. The night was biting cold and the wind made it worse. He looked like a wet chick who walked the garden back to the mansion wearing his pajama bottom only. It was her fault and Luna's as well. She needed to take responsibility.

She took the cold remedy from the medicine cabinet and placed in the tray then lifted it. "I will take breakfast to him."

Marina's jaw dropped as she followed her movements "You will bring him food? I thought you don't want to see him.

"It is about time that I meet my future groom."

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