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   Chapter 11 No! I'm Not Afraid of Ghosts

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Deive woke up to the booming sound of the old grandfather clock. It was deafening in the silence of the night. In horror films, it served as a warning that nocturnal and scary creatures are out to roam at night - from white lady, a beheaded priest, cut-off arms that had a life of its own and many more.

He took off his shirt then laid facedown on the bed. He didn't give a freakin' fuck if those creatures wanted to scare people. He just wanted to go back to Dreamland. He was so tired and the horror stuff was the last thing he wanted to worry about.

The cold of the night was starting to lull him back to sleep when he heard the sound of the piano. He let it pass at first on the first new notes. Maybe it was just his imagination. Who would dare play the piano in the middle of the night?

After a few moments, the note formed melancholic music yet hair raising music. He suddenly jolts awake. He couldn't sleep at all. That song kept on ringing inside his head.

"I'll be damned!" he uttered and felt goosebumps form all over his body. He remembered the horror film he watched as a kid where a severed bloody hand was playing the piano in the middle of the night.

He remembered the stories a while ago at the stored along the road. Villa Celesta was haunted. Not even the bravest could stay there for long.

He stood up and took the flashlight on the bedside table. He mustered all his courage. He didn't believe in ghosts. And he would prove that there were no such silly things. It was just formed by wild imaginations. If Callea and Marina who were both women could stay in the house and be not frightened at all, then he could do it as well. He was a man. A real man. He was not scared. He could face everything. He won't be defeated by ghosts… if there was any.

He slowly walked the quiet and dark hallway of the mansion. He didn't bother with the slipper because it might squeak and create noise. The wood was cold under his feet. Maybe the music was coming from the entertainment room. According to Marina, there was a television set and a modern sound system inside that room. He must give credit to the entertainment system then. It was like listening to a piano concerto. Right. Maybe it was Callea's lullaby.

He calmed a bit with the thought. Perhaps he would buy her a music pod so only she could listen to her music. It won't bother him anymore whenever she wanted to play her unearthly playlist during midnight. It almost turned his experience into a horror fright night.

Right. It was just some silly entertainment system music. Maybe he would just lower the volume. If Callea was fast asleep, perhaps she won't mind.

He was near the stairs when the music stopped. Holding the banister, he saw a woman with long hair and wearing a white nightdress walking out of the mansion.

He moved down the stairs with. Did he really saw that woman or it was just an imagination? The piano's lid was open. The bench was a bit far from the piano itself as if someone sat there and played the music.

"Luna! Luna!" called the woman with a melodious voice.

His eyes strayed to the open door. The woman's voice was coming from the garden. He stepped towards the door.

According to Marina, he must not pay heed to whatever he hears. It means he knew about the mystery in the house. His resolve became stronger. He must discover that mystery. He was already here. He had no plans to turn back.

As he stepped outside, he was faced by the looming shadow of what seemed like a menacing creature, guarding the night and ready to attack him and eat him whole. He stepped back and held his pounding chest. He nearly ran back inside while screaming the house down. But he calmed down when he realized that it was just a huge old tree. The head of the tree with the hollow of the branches made it look like a monster. The extended branched made it look like its extended arms.

"It is just a tree, " Deive breathed. Just a harmless tree. Of course, what would an innocent tree do to hurt him? He was safe.

He heard the woman's voice again. "Luna, where are you? Please come back. Don't hide from me." It sounded like she was worried and about to cry.

He made a few steps and saw a woman. It was the same woman wearing the white gown awhile ago. She was standing under the tree.

He walked to her direction. His head was telling him to turn tail and go back to the safety of his room. But her voice was beckoning him to come closer and there was nothing he could do about it.

She looked vulnerable while the wind was blowing her dress and her long straight hair. Her cries resonated through the night. It looked like the cold of the night didn't bother her a bit with her thin nightdress. The moonlight bathed her body as if it was comforting her. How he envied the moon.

It was like a fairy tale. He had never met someone like her before who arouse his curiosity right away. Perhaps he felt the sadness and worry in her voice. He hated to see a woman cry.

He stopped just a few steps away from her. "Miss, are you okay?"

Deive heard her breath hitch. She hid behind the tree right away. Did he frighten her? Did she think that he was a bad guy? Then he remembered that he was only wearing his pajama and none on top. He was on a hurry to check the music a while ago and he forgot to dress up.

DEIVE stomped his feet as he went up to the grand staircase. He didn't care if the carpet and the shiny wooden floor were wet due to water dripping his body. He was pissed off… big time!

He looked stupid swimming the pool on a cold, dark night. He had to haul himself out of the pool and good thing he was a go

od swimmer and the pool has water. That was a close call. He was nearly killed.

Now he looked like a wet chicken. His pajama bottom was soaking wet and plastered on his body. He was trembling because he didn't have an upper garment on. He had never been so humiliated in his life! All because of a bloody white lady and its ugly cat.

When he entered the mansion, there were no signs of a human being around. No sign of anything. Things were back to normal. There was no light on the giant chandelier. The door to the garden was closed. The piano's lid was closed and the bench was back to its previous position as if no one used it. The place was really haunted.

"Is that really fair? That ugly cat scratched me. What if it's my face?" His blood was boiling as he reached the second floor of the mansion. He hoped that no one would see him like this. He had no face to show to Marina and Callea. And maybe they would laugh at him if he tells them that he lost a fight with a one-eyed cat.

It was just a ghost after all. Or maybe they will think that he had gone loco. Would a woman marry a scared cat like him?

He didn't deserve to be humiliated like this!

Someday he would be a part of the Lopez family. The spooky ghosts should be familiar with him because will be the future owner of the mansion, who held the title of residence. While they were just squatters there.

With sharp eyes, he glanced around. Waiting for the ugly cat to come out. If there are other cats in that House, he will make sure the street sleep them while he was there. He needs to keep them away from his sight.

He was irritated as he entered his room and closed the door. He immediately headed to the shower room. And least they have a hot and cold shower. He felt great when hot water flowed on his body. Somehow he felt the flow of blood in his body that apparently froze up when he saw the woman.

"No! I'm not afraid of ghosts! There are no ghosts! "he repeatedly said. What he had seen earlier was only a figment of his imagination. A bad dream.

He rubbed his body with a towel, moved out of the bathroom and wrapped himself in a towel robe. When he appeared before the mirror is the marks from the cat's claws were visible on his tanned skin. He could still feel its clothes digging.

He was not afraid. Never before had he seen such creatures. Who wouldn't be surprised? He was not afraid. He was surprised. What he hated about the whole experience was the cat. The cat ruined his life.

He jolted when he heard three knocks on the door. For a while, he said nothing. There was an old belief that if there were three knocks on the door, it could be a ghost knocking at the door. Fuck! His heart was beating erratically. Does this night of horror won't end?

"Deive? Deive, you awake? "

He stepped back from the door upon hearing the voice of the woman outside of his bedroom. He sat on the bed and grabbing the bedcover. "W-Who are you? What do you need? "

She knows his name. That was dangerous. He said a prayer. He had never prayed so hard in his life. He could handle the white lady. Even if it was a ghoul, he believed he could still charm it. It was just a woman just the same. Of course, he could allure her not to take his soul with her to the afterlife.

"This is Callea."

His eyebrows meet. Would he dare believe it? And the ghost had the temerity to pretend as the woman he would marry. "Really?"

He heard a sexy laugh. "What really? Is there a problem? I heard something crashed from your room. There are wet spots on the floor of the hallways. So I decided to check if you're okay.

Maybe it was really Callea. His fear lessened so he walked towards the door and pressed his cheek to the wooden door. So, the ghost used Callea's voice to entice him. If he would just the situation by voice alone, he might soon marry Callea.

"I was swimming earlier in the pool because it was hot. " He sighed deeply and sneezing. Then he remembered that he almost had hypothermia because he didn't get inside the house and took his hot shower right away.

"It is cold outside and you went swimming?" she asked with a laugh. "Can you open the door? I want to check if you are okay. "

"N-No! I am not decent at the moment. "

If it was another time, maybe he would take a chance on facing her. But he was not in tiptop shape. He didn't want to meet any woman because of low morale.

How could he face before the woman would marry? The white lady and evil cat scarred him for life.

"Do you want to blend your coffee or tea?" Callea offered.

"Thank you. Don't mind me. I am fine. I will be okay tomorrow morning. I am used to swimming at night." He was not only prepared to impromptu swimming in pajamas and the appearance of ghosts around.

"You sleep well." He must also protect, Callea.

"Okay. If there's an emergency or you are hurt, just check the first aid kit cabinet. There's an ointment for wounds and there. everything else. Or you can ring the bell so Marina will help you out. Goodnight, " she sweetly said.

A smile formed on his lips. What a caring woman. She knew what he wanted even if he didn't ask. She was perfection!

Her lovely voice kept on ringing in his ears. If that was the wonderful voice that he would hear every day, his future wouldn't be bad at al. The smile was gone on his lips. The voice that also is owned by the white lady.

Should he tell Callea what's going on her mansion?

"NO!" he uttered emphatically and closed his eye. It was just a bad dream. If ghosts appear in the future, he would be ready. Nothing no one would terrify him anymore. He was brave. BRAVE!

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