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   Chapter 10 I Told You Not To Come Near Me

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He scratched his head. This was the first time that a woman got scared of him. He was used to women fawning over him, ready to devour him in his half-naked state. And they couldn't get their hands off him.

He tried to explain. "Miss, wait. No need to be scared. I am not a bad guy. Just tell me if I can help you with anything. Who is Luna? Who are you looking for?"

And who was this woman? Maybe there were other people in the house aside from Marina and Callea. They just didn't inform him so it won't bother him.

He heard a purring sound. "Luna!" the woman exclaimed in glee. She followed the sound of the cat and pick it up from between the bushes. "You shouldn't have run away. What if someone takes you away from me? You got me so worried."

He hated cats but he wanted to see the smile on her face. He followed her. When she heard her footsteps, she stood up and hid behind the other side of the tree. She was deliberately avoiding him.

"Miss, I won't get mad at you even if you bring a cat or whatever. Don't be scared."

"What are you doing here?" she seethed in a menacing voice.

He walked a bit towards her. "I heard someone playing the piano so I decided to check it out. Were you the one playing the piano? If you want to keep it a secret, I won't tell."

Of course, the rich don't allow their helpers to use their expensive properties unless to clean it perhaps. But for a helper, she was really a great player.

The mysterious woman didn't answer. She just kept her head down. Her long hair hid her face while holding her cat. He couldn't see her face because the cloud suddenly covered the bright moon and cast its shadow. Maybe she was really scared because she didn't expect that he would see her. Maybe cats were not allowed on the mansion but she decide

l you came from. Go with the light and have a peaceful life. You and your cat."

He remembered the stories about the souls of the dead who thought they are still alive and couldn't accept their untimely death. Some were also looking for justice on their deaths. Most of them were victims of crime. And because of their grief, they also take the lives of living people in the afterlife to join their misery.

Drat! He still wanted to live longer. He still has dreams. He wanted to see his pirate cruise ship sail the sea and turn them into the fleet. He still has a woman waiting for him to marry her.

If the heavens would punish him for appreciating a beautiful woman and tasting the goods, hopefully not this way. A bloody white lady with a hellcat was definitely the last on his list. And it was something that he won't wish on his worst enemy.

The white lady held her hand up as if she was trying to stop her. "Don't move! On your back…"

"I told you don't come near me, you evil spirit!"

He retreated and didn't heed her warning. He yelled when he realized that he was walking on air. He lost his balance and plunged into the depths of cold, freezing water. Is he gonna die?

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