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   Chapter 8 She Promised Marina She Won't Leave The Room

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Callea's hands were moving swiftly over the paper. She was focused while working on the drawing table with a little lamp as her light. The rest of the room was pitch dark. The night was silent and still. It was midnight. All she could hear were the cicadas singing in the night and the night birds hunting for food.

Nobody would think that her room was owned by a beautiful and comely lady. Perched on the wall are different sketches and paintings of scary creatures that would give people nightmares had they been alive. Two skeletons stood guard on both sides of her table. One was wearing an elegant wedding dress. Its skull has blonde curly wig topped with a white veil that matched the gown. The other skeleton was wearing a pirate's garb complete with eyepatch, swish backsword, and a red bandana. It was a match made in heaven in her eyes.

While Callea was wearing a white night dress. Her straight long black hair flowed down her back. Some strands of her hair were covering her forehead. The strong scent of blood that stained her gown permeated her nose. She was not Callea anymore. She was Althea, an avenging white lady. She was a woman in the 80's, a beautiful nursing student who fell in love with a doctor and got pregnant.

The image of a handsome man formed inside her head. His piercing eyes were so powerful as if it touched her soul. He was supposed to be Althea's boyfriend He was rich and devastatingly handsome. He easily seduced the virgin nursing student and kept their relationship a secret. When Althea got pregnant, he refused to take responsibility because he was about to marry another woman who would do good for his family's financial and social standing. He forced Althea to abort their child instead and died during the operati

s awesome obstacle?

An idea clicked inside her head. "I know just what do, Luna. Let's play the piano."

Her cat was restless when she lifted it out of the room. She promised Marina that she won't leave her room wearing one of her costumes, won't play the piano and won't bother anyone of the night.

But she won't be at peace if she couldn't feel the piano keys under her fingers. She needed the music to set her in the mood. She won't' be able to write at all if she won't play music tonight. It was her only chance so she could focus on her story and get her back on track.

Luna meowed in protest and tried to scratch her skin so she would let it go. But she kept a tight hold on the poor cat and shushed it. "Shhhhh! Be quiet, Luna. Just let me play. Just one piece and it will be over."

With the help of the moonlight, she carefully tiptoed down the living room where the grand piano was. She felt excitement course through her veins as she lifted the lid of the piano. The moment she sat down the piano bench, the old grandfather clock chime and the sound resonated at the whole mansion.

It was twelve midnight.

A smile curved on her lips. "Perfect!"

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