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   Chapter 7 Don't Ever Leave This Room During Midnight

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"THERE are six rooms on the second floor and there's also the attic. Don Leandro has six children. He was the one who built this house and he is Señorita Callea's great grandfather. But after some time, nobody stayed in this house anymore because the family decided to leave someplace else. Others are even abroad. Only Señorita Callea choose to stay here."

Deive gulped as he ascended the grand staircase. Marina was leading him to the second floor to the room that he would stay in. She was like a tourist guide. He bet she could explain the history of each part of the house.

He felt like he was back in 1920s when the mansion was still lively with all the original settlers who lived there. The pieces of furniture were also antique. But the place gave him creeps. As if anytime, a head would roll on his feet or a white lady would just show up.

He stopped midway when he saw the painting of a beautiful woman wearing a white ball gown. With all the decorations at the mansion, it was the only thing that caught his attention. It was as if the image was alive. Even the black cat on her lap has intimidating green eyes.

"Who is she?" he asked Marina.

*"She is Doña Celesta, the wife of Don Leandro, " the woman answered. "She looked a lot like Señorita Callea. Whoever sees her though Doña Cele

. The eerie feeling was gone. He felt better in that room than own condo or any elegant hotel in the world he had stayed in. Even the ancestral house of the Hontiveros clan in Camarines Sur never gave him this feeling as if strong giving arms were swaying him. He just wanted to sleep.

"Just tell me if you need anything, Sir. There is a rope that you can pull and it will ring in my room. I will attend to you right away."

He opened an eye and smiled at her. "Okay. That would be all. Goodnight!"

"Señorito, whatever you hear during midnight, don't mind it. And don't ever leave this room." Then he heard the door squeak as it closed slowly on her wake. What did she mean by that?

He didn't care about the noise or even the ghosts. The paranormals could party for all he cared. And for the first time, he had a good night's sleep that he never had for years.

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