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   Chapter 6 How Could He Explain This Eerie Feeling

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Then he waved goodbye to the couple and kept on driving. He didn't really like old houses but he admired Villa Celesta. It was as if the moonlight was worshipping it as it cast its glow. The Lopezes tried their best to maintain its splendor. There was a certain romantic appeal to the house. According to his Lolo Jorge, Callea loved the house so much and preferred to live there. So, as her future husband, he must learn to appreciate the place as well.

There was a sprawling garden with a fountain in the middle. There was also a tall camachile tree. He looked like it as he gets off his car. He was used to the noise and brightness of the city. He was not a rural boy. But now he appreciated the silence of the night where he could only hear the night insects chirping. The beautiful moonlight was usually unnoticeable due to bright city lights. But he could see it clearly now because it was the only shining object in the night sky.

So this was her bride's world.

Very laid back. Very…

He looked around when he heard the wooden door squeaked as it opened. Feared clutched his whole being when he saw a hunchback. He stepped back. He asked himself if the stories about ghosts were real.

"W-Who are you?" he asked in a shaky voice. He was ready to run anytime. Is the place really cursed?

"I am Marina, Señorito Deive."

"Y-You are Callea's companion?" This was the woman that Callea trusted?

She nodded slightly. "Señorita slept

Callea told herself that she was not interested in Deive. But something pulled her towards the window and peep. She couldn't see much of his face because it was dark. But with the help of the moonlight, an image of a vigorous young man was formed.

Her eyes rolled heavenward. "So, he was a hottie. So what? What kind of man would let a woman wait for him for several hours. That is hardly a man."

If only she didn't need Deive Hontiveros so badly, she won't allow him to set foot in Villa Celesta. "But why does my heart beat so fast at the sight of him?" she asked Luna as she touched her cat. As if her head would explode when he looked up her way. What was happening to her?

Her long, lustrous hair fell on her face. Then the gray cloud covered the moon. On Deive's arrival, her life was about to change. She must follow her grandfather for the meantime. She would get her hands on Villa Celesta soon.

And Deive Hontiveros would be out of her life.

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