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   Chapter 5 Nobody Would Rob The Mansion

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Deive shook his head. He imagined the traditional healers who perform rituals to communicate with spirits and elements using their chants and wearing their bandanas on the head. No, that image on his head was a far cry from him. "No, ma'am. I will visit my future bride there."

"Oh, my god!" exclaimed the old woman and clutched her chest. The rest of the men put their hands together as if in prayer.

The biggest of the bunch gulped. "Aren't you aware that bad spirits lurked there? Ghosts abound that place. It is a haunted house."

"Yes! Last night, we even saw a white lady standing at the verandah. It was really eerie, " said the man who was mostly bones and skin.

His face twitched as he tried not to laugh out loud. Ghosts? White lady? Haunted house? These men must be really drunk with all the weird things they see.

"I have to go now. Thank you very much, " Deive said.

He was about roll the car's window when the old woman stopped him. "Wait!" Then the old woman put her hand on his head and murmured a prayer. "Please protect this man from the evil spirits."

The other men also put their hands together and joined the prayer. "Amen."

"Always pray, young man, " said the old woman and took his hands. "I hope that God won't leave your side."

He thanked them. From the chat that brought bad luck to a haunted house. Elements and ghosts? For Pete's sake! There were lots of technologies invented. They even sent men to the moon. There was human cloning, plant and animal mutation. Ghosts and elements were a thing of the past. It was only used to scare the little kids to sleep or as scaring tactics by the Spaniards to the Filipinos during colonial times. You could only see those ghosts on films and horror books.

From the store, he didn't find any more houses along the way. All he could see were fields illuminated by the moonlight. After a few minutes, a huge house could be seen from the view.

Villa Celeste. It was an old house built during 1920s. It was a Victorian inspired house made mostly of wood. It was three-story tall. It looked like a haunted house for other people. But for him, it was a fine example of classy architecture.

He slowed down th

e car as he neared the iron-wrought gates of Villa Celesta. He beeped and an old couple opened the gate. "Good evening, Señorito Deive!" greeted the old man. "I am Lito, the caretaker of this mansion. And this is my wife, Poling."

He shook their hands. "Good evening to you."

"Señorita Callea has been waiting for you. Why did you arrive so late, Sir?" Poling asked.

"The traffic on SLEX was horrible. My apologies. Is Callea still up?" Deive asked.

"Maybe she's already resting. The light is off on her room. Maybe you will meet her in the morning. But Marina is waiting at the door, " explained Lito.

"Who's Marina?" Deive asked. Her grandfather mentioned the couple caretaker at the mention. There was no mention of this Marina.

"She is Miss Callea's companion. Please get inside so you can give your late dinner and you can rest, " said Poling.

He went back to his car. "Why don't you ride with me back to the mansion?" he offered.

"We are on our way home. We only visit this place two to four times a week to clean up this place. Or if Marina and Miss Callea want us to buy something from town, " Lito clarified.

"I see." It was only the two women in the house. Isn't that dangerous? Do they even have security there?

"Don't worry, Señorito Deive. Nobody would dare rob the mansion. They are terrified to even pass by this place, " said Poling in an amused voice.

Lito elbowed his wife. "Watch your mouth. We don't want to give Sir Deive the wrong impression."

"Is there a problem?" Deive asked.

"What my wife meant was the Lopezes are respected in this town. So, even if this house has no guard, nobody would dare loot it. We have to go now, Sir. We will be back tomorrow to check on your needs."

Then he waved goodbye to the couple and kept on driving. He didn't really like old houses but he admired Villa Celesta. It was as if the moonlight was worshipping it as it cast its glow. The Lopezes tried their best to maintain its splendor. There was a certain romantic appeal to the house. According to his Lolo Jorge, Callea loved the house so much and preferred to live there. So, as her future husband, he must learn to appreciate the place as well.

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