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   Chapter 4 Are You A Paranormal Expert

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His deep dimples showed up on both of his cheeks when he thought about it. He could easily ask Callea to do this bidding. He already had a contract for their arranged marriage. He could discuss it once he got close to her. He could easily charm her.

But his confidence started to dwindle as he was trapped South Luzon Expressway. It was still an hour or so from Nagcarlan, Laguna. And he freakin' hated traffic because it ruined his mood.

It was already nine o'clock when he reached the end of the expressway. He was supposed to arrive at eight in the evening for dinner. His grandfather said so.

It was his first meeting with Callea and he was late. Not a good sign.

After an hour, he finally entered the town of Nagcarlan. He flinched when his cellphone rang. He grimaced when he saw his grandfather's name registered on the phone screen as the caller. He breathed deeply before he answered the call. "Hello, Lolo!"

"Where are you, Deive? Do you now what time it is?"

He gulped when he saw that it was already half an hour after ten in the evening. "I am here at Nagcarlan, Lolo." He tried his best to be cheerful. "I am near Villa Celesta."

"Where exactly are you?"

"Ahhh…" He looked out the window and tried to check out the establishments in the dark of the night. "I just passed Neneng's Sari Sari Store."

"Where is it?"

"Near the two mango trees beside the tamarind tree." And he was not sure if it was tamarind tree because there was no street lights.

"Are you trying to be funny? I am telling you, you are not!" his old man blasted that almost ruined his eardrums. "I already told you that Callea prepared dinner and you must be there by eight. Where have you been? To your paramour?"

He twisted his lips. "Of course not. It was traffic."

"You are driving my patience! Have you forgotten that your womanizing landed you into trouble in the first place? You shoudl be grateful that I am still considerate with you. Look what I got you. A perfect wife. Callea is beautiful and kind. She knew how to take care of the house. And she's very cultured. She's an artist, too."

"Yes. I know. She's perfect. Thanks for choosing well, Lolo." He tried his best to hide the sarcasm. He couldn't imagine what his future would be with Ca

llea. He never thought about settling down with a woman. So many girls, so little time. And because of Callea Lopez, his fun time was over.

"Better keep that in mind. Give my kisses to Callea." Then his grandfather ended the call.

"Callea! Callea! She would be perfect if she had a sound mind for business as well. " A naughty smile formed on his lips. "And if she's scorching hot in bed."

Deive let out a whistle. A lady in public but a vixen in bed. Now that's the idea.

He was busy dreaming about his bride when he noticed something cross the road. "Whoa!"

Deive's car screeched into a halt. He was breathing hard. Did he hit someone or something? Where is it? Did he kill it?

Some men who were drinking at a makeshift store rushed to him. "Hey, handsome! Are you okay?" one of them asked and knocked on the windshield of his car.

His heart was pounding wildly when he opened the window of his car. "Don't mind me. I am sure I am hit something. Can you c-check it?" He must get his wits together. He must bring it to the hospital. He hoped it was stll alive.

"You didn't hit anything. The black cat crosses the street, " answered the small man. Then he saw a black shadow that was running away.

"Just a black cat? I-I didn't see that one." He was worried over nothing.

"When a black cat crosses your way, that is a bad omen, " said the old woman.

Deive gave the old woman a bewildered look. She looked serious as if that statement about the superstitious belief on black cats was a fact. It was already the modern times. Who else believed in mystical beliefs anymore?

"I am sorry but I don't believe that. But thanks for the warning. I must go now, " he said to the group.

He would really experience bad luck if he didn't get to Villa Celesta soon. Even if he was forced to marry Callea, he didn't want her to think that he hated the idea. His old man will be more pissed off and he would find himself in the dump soon.

"Where are you going, child?" the old woman asked him.

"In Villa Celesta."

Everyone hitched their breath as if one person. Extreme fear reflected on their faces.

"Are you an exorcist or a paranormal expert, young man?" the old woman asked. "Do you want to help the suffering souls in that house?"

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