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   Chapter 3 I'm In Total Control of This Situation

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"WE will miss you, dude! We can't believe that a playboy like you will finally tie a knot."

Deive wanted to hit her friend's face with the glass when Sidney started to become dramatic. He becomes emotional under the spirit of wine, even with just a drop.

It was in contrast with the party they threw for him. It was full of beautiful women. They were at his other friend's condo. Lucien's penthouse was perfect for events like tonight. It was heaven for four virile young men.

The four of them - him, Lucian, Sidney and Averill were best of friends. They've been together since they were kids. They were as thick as thieves and they got along when it comes to women and their foolish pranks.

"Did you bring me here so you can cry for me as if I am dying?" Deive asked.

"Idinala ba ninyo ako dito para iyakan lang?" tanong niya.

"This is your stag party, bro!" said Averill and tapped his shoulder.

He shook his head and drank the four seasons cocktail. He can't drink because he would drive later. And he couldn't flirt with the gorgeous women in the room. He just wanted to spend time with his friends.

"I am not yet getting married. Why the stag party?" Deive inquired.

"Because you will finally meet the woman that you grandfather had chosen for you." Lucian filled his glass with brandy. "And you will stay with her for a couple of months or so. I am sure she won't let you leave her side."

"Rock and roll, man! If the woman is that beautiful, I won't let her go either. I will even chain her to my bed and give her babies, " Sidney said with a mischievous grin on his face.

He wanted to pummel his face. "Hey! This is my future bride we are discussing. Have some respect. I am not a maniac. We just want to get to know each other before we plan our wedding."

"You are not a maniac. You are just a lady killer." And Averill nailed him with that comment. "But can you really become faithful to your bride, Deive?"

He was constantly at the dating scene. He had no permanent girlfriend and settling down or walking down the aisle was never a part of his plans. He just wanted to live his life to the fullest.

All he cared about was his job and family. That's why he was challenged by his grandfather. Lolo Jorje wanted him to marry the granddaughter of his best friend if he wanted the capital for the business he wanted to start with his friends and to make ammends with his past faults.

"That's why we were shocked when you said that you are getting married, " Lucian said. "Is that really serious?"

"I have to marry her. I want to break away from my grandfather's chain. I want ou

r dream cruise ship to push through."

Their group had been dreaming of having their own cruise ship since they were in college. They had been under their family's thumb, slaving on their family's companies. Deive was trained to manage Hontiveros Coco Industries, a company which exports coconut products.

It was not his dream but it was what his grandfather wanted. Marrying Callea was his only chance to do whatever he wanted. His younger brother, Keiran, was ready to take over. But the old man didn't want to let him go. His loan won't get approved and he couldn't get the capital infuse he needed if he won't follow his grandfather's condition.

"Do you think it is right? This is the new millenium!" Sidney complained and raise his arms. "I can't believe arranged marriage is still practiced in the modern world."

"I think it is fitting, " Lucian commented. Then he glanced at him menacingly. "Your womanizing reputation nailed you down."

Deive whispered an oath. Ruby Canales, a daughter of their client from Argentina wanted him so badly but he turned her down. When he didn't accept her advances, she announced that she was pregnant and he was the father. It was almost a shotgut wedding. His client wanted him to marry Ruby but he refused. He didn't even kiss that lunatic. Could she get pregnant just by breathing.

So they lost a huge client and it affected their business.

It was not his fault that women wanted a piece of him. He was guilty about enjoying women's company. But where Ruby was concerned, he was innocent.

"You are running away from a shotgun wedding only to marry another, " Sidney mumbled while shaking his head. "I don't get it."

"Any woman will do except Rubie Canales! And besides, Callea is so fine. She's sweet and innocent and she has a face of an angel, " Deive voiced dreamily. She was his savior.

The last time he saw Callea, she was just fifteen years old. She was already beautiful then. And according to Tomasino Lopez, Sr. she's still an angel. He was living in solitdude at the Lopez's mansion in Nagcarlan, Laguna. No boyfriend since birth. How lucky could he get?

"Hmmm… not your type!" Averill interjected. "She's too sweet for your taste."

He liked his women wild and sophisticated. Those who were not interested with commitment. But he didn't have a choice now, did he? He would get what he wanted if he will do his grandfather's bidding. He had to endure it.

He stood up then tapped Lucian's shoulder. "I have to go, guys! Don't worry. I can handle this perfectly, " he declared with full confidence.

I am in total control of the situation.

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