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   Chapter 69 Haunting past.

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"What's wrong?" Billina asked concerned when she saw his scary face.

"I-I..." he was stuttered in his words, unable to speak properly.

There was something, the thing that was bothering him.

Before he could speak or react, the lights of the yacht were out and it stopped.

"What the..." Billina spoke when feeling a sudden hitch and Ashton who was standing on the corner, flipped and fell in the sea.

As it was dark everywhere, the only light coming from the moon but Billina felt that the man had fallen in the ocean.

"Ashton! Ashton!" she yelled and heard the splashing of the water with his breathy groans.

He knew how to swim, why is he struggling?

Billina ran inside and tried to find a torch. She paused and recalled the torch she had seen was in the... "Control room..." she muttered under her breath and ran downstairs and to the control room.

On the left side was the torch, she grabbed it and ran towards the stairs.

On the way to the deck, she had opened the torch. As she reached the corner and spread the light in the sea, she saw Ashton was struggling with the water going in his mouth.

She was frightened to see him like this. He would be dead if not get out of the sea.

''Swim, Ashton! Swim, love!" she shouted but he kept on struggling.

Billina removed her blazer and rolled up her sleeves to her elbows

.. as if his life was depending on it as if this was the only solution as if this is the cure.

"You do?" she, when broke the kiss, asked astonished.

"Yes, darling. I love you." he gave a confident nod and spoke.

"and I am very certain. Nothing and no one in this world can replace or take your place ever. You mean the world to me. Every passing day I am falling for you, more and more, " hearing this, Billina was quiet yet speechless.

This was the first time somebody ever confessed his love for her. Well, before him many people did but she didn't even listen to a single word of them.

He taught her the meaning of the little things which she never paid attention to.

"Of course I never planned to confess this to you like this..." he let out a chuckle and said while she responded, "It's romantic."

"It is?" she asked and she nodded.

Both of them lost in each other's eyes.

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