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   Chapter 67 Romance at Beach.

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Updated: 2020-02-11 15:31

"I want you to deliver this bracelet in this address at 8 pm sharp, " Billina ordered while paying in the counter and Ashton roamed looking at the beautiful diamond sets and jewels.

His eyes got fixed on a ring, perfectly beautiful, the cut was wonderful and he asked the price of it from the other workers.

"Ready to go, my love?" Billina, with a pleasant tone, asked Ashton who gave a wide smile.

"Now, to the beach..." she when stepped out of the Cartier with him, said to him.

"Beach?" he asked surprised.

What is this lady doing? She is too hard to understand.

"Billina, I was thinking about our new project in Russia, " he said while driving, eyes fixed on the road.

"What about that?" she asked impassively.

"The name of the resort must be with Bridgette's name, " he spoke, carefully.

For a second, she was quiet, a million things running in her mind.

Every time he says 'our daughter' it melts her heart 100%.

And what good idea it is... to open a resort at her daughter's name.

Their daughter... so she is not the only one who thinks about the little infant. The baby daddy is here too.

Billina still remembers when her grandmother told her that one cannot raise someone else's child.

Even if they did, there is some part somewhere in their heart tells them that this is not their kid.

She does not feel like this at all. Billina may not be the birth mother of Bridgette but she's raising he giving her every facility she can.

you see..." Ashton slid the hand in his pant pocket and as he began to spoke in such a sophisticated way, she rolled her eyes and interrupted, "Don't start. Just say yes or no."

"You see, you cannot stop me from speaking. I may speak as much as I want, " Ashton, impassively spoke, confidence in his tone.

"Oh really? Well, see this..." Billina, in an instant, pulled his shirt's collar and pressed her lips against his.

He was, in fact, so shocked by this sudden attack of love.

Ashton didn't expect her to kiss him like this. But she did and when she did, it was so different from all of the kisses they usually had.

One thing was the same... the passion.

His urge to have her, to make love to her, grew bigger and bigger.

The make-out session continued for about five minutes when the secretary of Davis suddenly came and interrupted their romance.

He blushed and excused himself away.

"Oh my!" Ashton when broke the kiss smirked at the billionaire beauty.

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