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   Chapter 66 Beauty with Brains.

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Updated: 2020-02-10 16:03

"What did I say?" she asked walking back to her seat while he was confused.

"You- You said..." he stuttered in his words as she rolled her eyes and responded, "I said my cousin is inviting us for dinner tonight."

"Oh, oh, that's good, " he cleared his throat and replied.

"They are going to be official tonight. Ashton, pick a place for us to shop for them, " she said impassively.

"A place... a place... men are into watches and all, " he thought then his eyes got fixed on her wristwatch.

"Is that man's watch? From which city did you buy it?" he asked as she took a quick look at her wristwatch.

"It's branded. I don't know. Conor gifted it to me, " she replied gazing at the watch while he gave a nod.

"So men are into watches are women into jewels. You know diamonds and stuff, " he said confidently.

"Oh really?" Billina sneered. "Well, I have a better plan."

Ashton furrowed his brows in confusion while she held the receiver of the intercom and pressed the button.

"Clara... I want you to call Mr Davis and inform him about me coming to visit him. I'll be...'' she spoke confidently then looked at her wristwatch and continued, "I'll be there in an hour. Tell him to make necessary arrangements." with that she declined the line and Ashton who was just staring at her, the look of confusion in his face.

"What?" she asked impassively.

''Who is Davis? And what are you doing?" he unaware, asked her.

"You'll see, " she replied as she stood up and walked passed by him, grabb

fter the struggling of choosing the right piece for Serena, Billina finally liked the two of the bracelets.

"Which one, Ms Bernand?" asked the manager. "You see, this one is perfect because the other one is very expensive, " the manager added when Billina was busy looking at her boyfriend.

"Hmm... I'm sorry. Which one is expensive?" she asked and the manager pointed towards the first bracelet.

It was so pretty.

"Why did you said it's expensive? Don't you know my name is Billina Bernand?" she asked sneering.

Two of her favorite things, scoffing and sneering. Oh, and the straight face.

"I want this."

"But ma'am, this one is very expensive."

"So?" she said as if it was just a penny to pay for the bracelet.

Ashton for the very first time was so much proud at her. Her name was enough, she had made so much money that it is not a problem for her to buy anything.

She was a beauty with brains.

"Alright, ma'am, " the manager gave a nod and stood up to pack the diamond set.

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