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   Chapter 64 Happily mad!

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Updated: 2020-02-08 15:30

"I-I cannot believe it!" he was happy yet astonish, more of it he was getting insane.

Such a dumb!

Billina shook her head when seeing him going happily mad.

"What is so hard to believe?" she asked crossing both of her hands at her chest.

He without saying anything strode towards her and pressed his lips against hers.

And she with a sudden act was so startled.

Jules who raised both of her brows in astonishment, let out a large grin.

Although she was the one behind this plan to get her granddaughter set with Ashton but didn't saw them acting like a couple or sleeping together or having sex. But when he kissed her, she was now sure of both of their feelings.

When the kiss was broken and they were embarrassed in front of Jules, Billina cleared her throat and said, "Don't you want to go for a drive?"

"Oh yes. Absolutely. Let's drive it to the company, " he replied nodding.

Billina asked Lora to bring her phone from inside while they chatted with Jules.

Then, both of them got seated and Ashton pulled over.

He was so much excited and could be seen in his handsome face.

"Thank you, " he said in a pleasant tone and she just gave a nod.

"Billina, I want to clear one thing. Now that I am living such a luxurious life which I, honestly, never thought of... you don't think of me as a gold digger. D

azed at Ashton.

''So what?'' he asked shrugging his shoulders. "I can't possibly think straight, " he added.

"Still in a trance, Mr George?" she narrowed her brows.

Billina could not believe that a man would be so much mad just to have this kind of gift for the first time.

It's not that she's in love with him or anything but now, he is connected with her so he has to look good in public.

And a car like Bugatti- it's not a big deal for her according to the world, for him also.

But on the other hand, why is she doing so much for him?

She is a fool, isn't she?

Ashton from the corner of his eye admired the billionaire beauty.

How sexy does she look in business attire...

Both of them are wearing the same colour suits. Navy blue, a very classy colour, when it comes to business attire.

He wonders... he just wonders... how will she look without any clothes?

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