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   Chapter 63 La Voiture Noire

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Updated: 2020-02-06 15:51

"What is happening inside?" Ashton asked Carlos who replied, "I don't know I hope my cousin won't kill her, "

"Yea, she's offended from that night where she saw both of you together, " Ashton said, then was quiet for a whole minute.

"Which night?" Carlos with his brows narrowed, asked.

"Uh... that night... success party night. I should probably keep my mouth shut, " Ashton stuttered then spoke quickly.

Carlos, who was sitting on a sofa chair stood up and walked upstairs and Ashton followed him.

As he opened the door and saw Serena and Billina were laying and one of them was annoyed yet another one was chuckling.

"what is happening here?" Carlos asked, his brows furrowed.

"Nothing, your girlfriend wants another session, " the billionaire beauty replied as Ashton let out a scoff.

"What? you too?" Carlos turned his face towards his left and eyed him.

"I'm habitual, " Ashton shrugged his shoulders as he responded.

"Let's go, Ashton. Let the couple enjoy, " Billina stood up and adjusted her blazer, then walked towards the boys.

"Oh and you.. be good to her, " Billina winked at her cousin's direction and held Ashton's hand as they walked out of the room.

"What has happened to her?" Carlos expressionless, asked Serena as he walked over to the bed.

'I don't know, she's too hard to understand, " the girlfriend responded.

When Billina was about to sit in the driver seat, Ashton said, "Let me drive, "

She then walked towards the passenger seat and got seated while Ashton was getting himself sit o

hat did this spoiled brat did?

Ashton, when reached outside, was looking around when a man, dressed in formal dress handed over a car key to him.

"Sir, your car is ready, " he said in a polite tone and Ashton, who was confused asked, "What car?"

"That one, " replied the man.

And Ashton moved his neck towards his left, there stood Bugatti Chiron Noire in matte black colour.

It was so elegant and beautiful that he was in a trance for a second.

'La Voiture Noire..." he murmured in a low voice until Billina and Jules walked towards him.

"How do you like the surprise, Mr George?" Billina, ina mocking tone asked.

"Billina! This model is about... $12.5 million, " he spoke in so much astonishment.

"Yes, Ashton, " she gave a nod so calmly as if it was not a big deal for her to buy this expensive car.

'And this is mine, " he pointed a finger towards himself, surprised look on his face.

''After all, you are my boyfriend and Bridgette's father, " she said until he looked at her with a blank face.

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